Solo travel in London| Classic check-in photo, watching the sunset at the London Eye

|Classic check-in photo, watching the sunset at the London Eye. The weather in London is super good today! The sun is shining! It's the best time to check in and take pictures. So the itinerary for the day is the classic tourist route: Buckingham Palace (watching the changing of the guard)-St. James's Park-Big Ben-Double-decker bus-Borough Market-Tower Bridge-Thames River Cruise-Sit on the London Eye (watch the beautiful sunset). ✅Buckingham Palace changing of the guard ceremony, after seeing our own military parade, this is mainly to feel the cultural atmosphere. ✅St. James's Park, mainly because you need to pass through this park to reach Big Ben, but the accidental pass, I was amazed by this park, there is such a large park in the city center, and such a large lawn, so comfortable! I also inadvertently found a rainbow! ✅There are really too many people taking pictures of Big Ben, and sure enough, people from all over the world like to ask Asian girls to help take pictures. I helped a dozen or so people along the way today. ✅When it was noon, I was going to eat at Borough Market, and I could take a double-decker bus (should be 381) from Big Ben, and also experience this London feature. ✅Borough Market checked in The black pig and la glace ice cream. What I worry about most in London is what to eat. These are all recommended by my London friends. I go directly without thinking, let me eat whatever I eat. After eating, I feel that these two are indeed very distinctive, and I can't eat this taste in China, it's worth a try. ✅Tower Bridge is also a gathering place for check-in photos, and it's time for Asian girls to help others take pictures again. ✅The Thames River Cruise is worth a ride, admiring the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, and then just can't walk, you can directly take the cruise back to the London Eye. ✅The time of the London Eye was checked in advance for today's sunset time, and then bought that sunset time slot ticket online in advance, so I really watched the whole sunset process on the London Eye, overlooking London, the day's itinerary ended perfectly.
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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