London Military Intelligence Section 6

On the banks of the Thames in London, history and modern architecture intertwine, with the grandeur of traditional art coexisting with the cold austerity of modern minimalism. However, a building is known far and wide for its special status and the classic image of James Bond in the movie '007'. This building is not only the location of the British Military Intelligence Section 6, but also famous for the 007 series of movies. At the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, 007, played by Daniel Craig, parachuted into the venue with the Queen, becoming a symbol of creativity and courage. The image of 007 even surpasses Harry Potter, although both are fictional characters. The story of 007 originates from Ian Fleming's pen, and the prototype is the legendary double agent Dusko Popov during World War II. He was born into a Yugoslav noble family, was elegant and proficient in socializing, restrained the German army with false information, and won the praise of the Allies. After the war, he retired to a small town and left his memoir 'Spy and Counter-Spy', which became the inspiration for 007. Popov's spy career was full of danger and pain. He once ended the life of the old servant who taught him to grow up by himself. This memory made him comment: If you are as flamboyant as 007, spies will not live long. Sean Connery's 007 has become an eternal classic. Although the actors in the subsequent works have changed and the special effects are changing with each passing day, Sean's charm has not diminished over the years, but has become more respected with time, and can be called a legend in the film industry.
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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