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Casa Manila - Manila's own King's Landing😂|||☀️I think Casa Manila should be the most popular attraction for young people in the entire royal city area. Compared to other cathedrals and ruins, the style here has a more historical and modern blend, and it is also the place where the most little brothers and sisters in the entire royal city area take photos and check in. ☀️Secondly, what sets it apart from other attractions is that the entire plot is a courtyard structure, with a better sense of enclosure, naturally shielding the conflict brought about by the local residents' well life in the royal city area, making it easier for you to feel the winding path and the desire to suppress first when browsing inside. Layered experience. ☀️The main tour spot here is the Casa Manila Museum located at the exit, which is a museum located in Manila. The architectural style is inspired by the late 18th and early 19th century Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. Its architectural style fully reflects the luxury and unique design of the Spanish Philippines. The external environment of the museum is designed as if it is a time tunnel, bringing tourists into the unique history of the Spanish Philippines. The courtyard layout follows the courtyard design concept at the time, combining gardens, fountains and traditional stone paths to create a quiet and charming environment. ☀️The architectural details of Casa Manila show the typical features of early 19th century Spanish colonial architecture in the Philippines, including exquisite wood carvings, stone walls and red tile roofs. The materials used inside the building, such as hardwood floors and gorgeous plaster decorations, all highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the era. ☀️As for the indoor display, it brings together the furniture, art and daily necessities of the wealthy class at the time. Visitors can see the lifestyle of the upper class in the Philippines in the 19th century here, from the bedroom to the living room, every place seems to restore the life scene at that time.
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Posted: Jan 14, 2024
Brendon V
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Casa Manila

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