Just returned from Lijiang and Lugu Lake, I hope to tell some truths that can help you

The route is Shanghai-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang-Meili Snow Mountain-Shangri-La-Lijiang-Shanghai. I think Cangshan Erhai and Dali Ancient City are ordinary, so I just want to go to places I haven't been to first. As a result, I didn't expect this route to be perfect!! It is very suitable for those who come to Northwest Yunnan for the first time and plan a 6-7 day trip! Lijiang Ancient City 1️⃣The winter Lijiang ancient city is full of beautiful scenery, various colors of trees and flowers! Stroll from the afternoon to the evening, so you can see the autumn scenery during the day and the night view at night! 2️⃣It is recommended to live on the edge of the ancient city. The biggest disadvantage of the ancient city is that you need to carry a suitcase. Although I see that many homestays have suitcase carts, I still feel a bit troublesome; our first night's homestay told us that it was too noisy to live in (probably to promote themselves), but I found that it was not at all. If your chosen homestay is in an area where there are all homestays, it is actually super quiet! 3️⃣Dress warmly and stroll around the ancient city. It's warm during the day and a bit cool at night. If you eat, the restaurant basically has no heating. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 1️⃣If you don't watch the sunrise, you can actually arrive at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at any time before three o'clock, and there is plenty of time. We didn't take the cable car until after three o'clock, and we didn't rush at all. We climbed to 4680, and when we came down, we just saw the sunset in the Blue Moon Valley by bus. The golden clouds + Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is simply not beautiful! 2️⃣The scenic area bus is free to ride without additional tickets, so there is no need to take a car that pulls you to other attractions in the scenic area. Lugu Lake 1️⃣The winter Lugu Lake is so beautiful that it is speechless. Because there are many sunny days + cloudless, the lake is really super beautiful! The Lugu Lake in the morning and afternoon has different sceneries due to different sunlight angles, and they are all beautiful! 2️⃣The highway from Lijiang to Lugu Lake, and the highway from Lugu Lake back to Lijiang, I have to say, the scenery of the highway is beautiful!!! Stopped many times along the way! However, inexperienced drivers need to think clearly, the road is very dangerous. 3️⃣If you want to see the morning mist in winter, you can get on the boat at about 7:40-7:50, and the morning mist will appear in a while. Remember to bring bread/small dried fish, if you don't have it, you can also buy it on the boat. If you talk to the master, you can row for a while. 4️⃣According to the chat with the Mosuo uncle, Lugu Lake is a no-fishing zone, so all the steamed stone pot fish you see are not local fish, they are all pond fish. Other tips: 1️⃣Be sure to do a good job of sun protection, otherwise you will really get sunburned. 2️⃣Prepare foot stickers and warm baby, they are very useful. Although the winter in Northwest Yunnan is cold, it is about the same as Beijing at the same time. It is warm during the day and cold in the morning and evening. Dress thicker. 3️⃣This trip is all I want to go to the most, and it is also the most classic. After 6-7 days, it will not be so tired + it is very comfortable to play.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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