The glass house hidden in the forest by Lugu Lake!

The blue sky and white clouds of Lugu Lake are really lovely! There is a dreamy triangular glass room at Lugu Lake! Hidden in the forest, each one is a beautiful scenery! Feel the breath of the forest~ Accommodation: Lugu Lake Anxia·Mountain and Resort Hotel The location is very advantageous! You can directly see the Gemu Goddess Mountain, and the rooms in the hotel are basically floor-to-ceiling windows! As soon as you open your eyes, you can see the beautiful scenery~ You can be in a daze all day just by looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window, it's too beautiful, the whole Lugu Lake seems to be framed in this window, like a flowing painting~ Surroundings: The only glass house hidden in the forest has become a holy place for taking pictures at Lugu Lake! The green trees surround the glass room to take unique scenery~ There is a camping bonfire platform behind the mountain... It has a great atmosphere~ You can also take a walk after dinner, feel the beauty of nature~
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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