I thought Erhai Lake was already beautiful! | Until I went to Lugu Lake

| Until I went to Lugu Lake... If you ask me, what is the most worthwhile place to visit in Yunnan? I would answer without hesitation---Lugu Lake Vast colorful forests, stunningly tranquil blue waters, flocks of seagulls, light clouds and breezes, it's not an overstatement to call it the romantic ceiling of early winter! This winter, take a trip to Lugu Lake, that blue will heal you for a long, long time... Transportation: Some cities have direct flights to Lugu Lake Airport I recommend a more economical way, first get to Lijiang, then take a bus or rent a car to Lugu Lake Bus tickets can be bought on travel apps, from Lijiang Daluoshui Village, about 4 hours, prices vary depending on the starting point, ranging from 80-98 Ticket: 70/person Accommodation: It is recommended to stay in Daluoshui Village for convenient transportation and dining, and it is also a good spot to watch the sunrise 2-day tour itinerary: D1: Depart from Lijiang to Daluoshui Village at noon, after lunch, take a lake tour: Daluoshui Village Xiaoyuba → Lover's Beach (Yunnan) → Lige Peninsula Lover's Beach (Sichuan) Caohai → Walking Marriage Bridge D2: Watch the sunrise in Daluoshui Village, then leave from Puluo Wharf and Lvjiawan Wharf back to Lijiang Punch-in tips: ① Panoramic viewing platform Go right after entering the scenic area gate and checking tickets, it's an excellent spot to view the Goddess Mountain ② Daluoshui Village There are many wild ducks and seagulls by the lake, as well as red trees, sitting under the trees on the chairs to take photos is super beautiful ③ Xiaoyuba There are a small number of pig trough boats, completely deserted, the scenery is incredibly beautiful, and there are also many seagulls ④ Lover's Beach There are Lover's Beaches in both Sichuan and Yunnan, but the one in Yunnan is more beautiful, and it is currently the place with the most seagulls ⑤ Lige Peninsula The small island that divides the lake into a heart shape, the water is tranquil and azure, everyone who sees it will exclaim how beautiful it is ⑥ Caohai Next to the viewing platform, there are many colorful pig trough boats you can go on to take photos, the background is golden and stunning ⑦ Walking Marriage Bridge The romantic Lover's Bridge, accompanied by the sunset glow, walk halfway with your loved one and then return, symbolizing that the love between the two will never end ⑧ Puluo Wharf The wharf area is wide, the pig trough boats on the shore are particularly good for taking photos, and there are many boating routes to choose from ⑨ Lvjiawan Wharf Near the wharf, there is a pebble beach facing the Goddess Mountain, the lake is full of duckweed, the water is as clear as crystal, and you will be amazed when you see this place Pig trough boat tips: Mainly concentrated at Daluoshui Wharf, Puluo Wharf, and Lvjiawan Wharf, available daily from 8:30-17:00, prices vary depending on the route, roughly 100-200/person
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
Ysanne Kuo
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Faina W
Faina W
Stunning view. Yes i thought er hai lake was beautiful enough. I must return to lijiang again someday
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