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⭐️Long confined in a cage, now I return to nature. Craftsman's Lodge Homestay is dedicated to integrating the homestay into the scenery. Staying in the Mosuo wooden houses of Lugu Lake Craftsman's Lodge is like living a secluded fairy-tale vacation. Sitting on the swing by the lake, swinging towards the boundless blue lake, enjoy a quiet and comfortable time of leisure. ⭐️Lugu Lake Craftsman's Lodge·Yoyo Blue, just like its name, is leisurely and deep blue. The architecture is inspired by the traditional wooden houses of the local Mosuo people, with the exterior walls made of local old beams and rammed earth. The interior design is minimalist. The hotel boasts powerful sea views. Therefore, spaces such as the lobby, restaurant, and book bar can all enjoy the lake view at the first moment. ⭐️About the cuisine, in the lakeside cabin of Craftsman's Lodge·Yoyo Blue, you will discover not only the poetry of life before your eyes but also the barbecue bonfire, the 'spicy' belonging to winter. Here, you can experience courtyard bonfire barbecues and wine brewing around the stove with other guests, which is quite enjoyable. ⭐️There is a refined breakfast every day, a welcome fruit on arrival (type depends on the season), free mini-bar drinks, complimentary tasting of selected fine teas, and a gift of a visit for two to the Mosuo Museum. 🏡Homestay: Lugu Lake Craftsman's Lodge·Yoyo Blue 📍Address: No. 38, Xiachun, Luoshui Village Committee, Yongning Town, Lijiang City
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Posted: Mar 31, 2024
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