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my boyfriend and I locked our love at the serene and quiet Lugu Lake Hotel. Who understands the feeling? ✅ Perfect lake view ✅ Couple's bathtub ✅ Huge screen projection ✅ Oil painting floor-to-ceiling windows I would be heartbroken if any sisters traveling to Yunnan missed out on this place! 🏨 It's really too good to stay!! Mountains and rivers! Immerse yourself in nature! Leave it to nature! No matter if it's sunny or cloudy, you can always find some joy here. The lakeside lawn outside the room, having afternoon tea on the rocking chair, or just lying down quietly is very comfortable~ 🏨 The decoration is too amazing!! The wabi-sabi style interior perfectly interprets simplicity and quiet elegance. 180° lake view floor-to-ceiling windows, smart home, and a couple's bathtub by the window. Waking up in the morning, remotely opening the curtains, the warm sunshine enters the room, and a beautiful day is about to begin 🏨 The service is really too great!! They provide breakfast, welcome fruit, afternoon tea, goodnight milk, and they have private home-cooked dishes, delicious rice noodles, and the taste is quite good. There's an especially enthusiastic corgi named Lucky; a sweet dessert-making lady, and a cute front desk girl. It feels like everyone is just the right distance away, like friends without a sense of alienation. They will help with luggage and even provide a tripod for taking photos. 🏨 Homestay: Muyu Homestay 🏨 Address: No. 28, Langfang Village, Yongning Township, Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Lijiang
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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