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Avoiding the crowds of the National Day holiday, I finally made it to Lugu Lake

I really didn't want to see the crowded scenes, so I took my annual leave after the National Day and came to play at Lugu Lake. The lake and the sky are both a brilliant blue, exceptionally clean~ Visitors here seem to be silenced as well, just like me, intoxicated by the tranquility of this place🌿 👭The hotel I'm staying at is right next to Lugu Lake, separated only by a road that circles the lake. Avoiding the holiday travel rush, there are plenty of rooms available for free choice. Rooms facing Lugu Lake all feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows to ensure the best viewing angle for guests. A winding path, through the fine grass, extends into the hotel~ ✅Overall, it gives a strong artistic lifestyle vibe. The hotel's exterior is surrounded by pink tables and chairs, exuding a lazy atmosphere under the warm sun. Inside the room, it's a simple wooden style, Wooden ceilings, floors, furniture, you can't help but feel comfortable and relaxed💗 A whole wall of projection screen, the clarity is also extremely high, whether it's binge-watching dramas or movies, it's awesome. On days when you don't want to go out, you can watch the lake view through the floor-to-ceiling windows during the day, and at night you can lie in bed and watch TV shows at will❗ In the evening, with the afterglow of the sunset, take your camera everywhere to take pictures, every single one is guaranteed to be incredibly beautiful. Upon check-in, they also thoughtfully provided welcome fruit and goodnight desserts, which was really heartwarming✨ 🔍 ⭐Hotel: Lugu Lake Baiyun Jinxiu Lakeview Resort Hotel ⭐Address: Sanjia Village, Ninglang Lugu Lake
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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