The Ultimate Guide to Photo Ops at Yunnan's Lugu Lake

One could say that Lugu Lake was the most leisurely spot in our Yunnan trip. The winter-exclusive seagulls, sunrise mists, the lake's emerald and deep blue waters, and the hospitable Mosuo people are all part of the journey's portrait. If you don't want to miss Lugu Lake this season Please keep this guide close❗️❗️ 🎫 | Ticket 70💰 🚗 | Chartered car, we chose a seven-seater, 3.5h one-way trip from Lijiang ⛰️ | Lugu Lake is at an altitude of 2690m, generally no risk of altitude sickness 🦆 | Seagull feeding season: November to March of the following year ✅My Route Lugu Lake Viewpoint➡️Flower Sea Pier➡️Walking Marriage Bridge➡️Grass Sea➡️Goddess Bay➡️Sichuan Lover's Beach➡️Gem Goddess Mountain➡️Lige Peninsula➡️Yunnan Lover's Beach ➡️Daluoshui Village ✅About Photography 1⃣️Get up early for the morning mist and wear more! It's especially cold! 2⃣️Remember to bring some bread or biscuits for feeding seagulls, it makes for great snapshots 3⃣️For other places, just shoot, anything looks good. I call it the place in Yunnan that amazed me on my trip. ✅Specialty Dishes & Delicacies Firewood chicken, steamed stone pot fish The taste is more or less the same, you can just find any budget-friendly place
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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Lugu Lake

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