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🏔 Yunnan has many places worth setting foot in Because the scenery in many places in Yunnan is particularly beautiful Yunnan has always given people a sense of mystery A multi-ethnic region, it has a mysterious and colorful aura A long time ago, a book by Yang Erche Namu Opened the door to my longing for Lugu Lake Mysterious and distant... The bells of the New Year 2022 had just rung I packed my bags and headed straight for that dream place where I could filter out all the complexity The beautiful Lugu Lake, on this mysterious and beautiful plateau There is a very lovely homestay that made me linger and forget to return... 🏠 Hotel: Three-Color Cloud River Inn (Lugu Lake branch) 📍 Detailed address: Lakeside Middle Bank, Daluoshui Village, Lugu Lake, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province 🚗 Transportation strategy: 1️⃣ It takes about 5 hours to come over by coach from Lijiang Bus Station, to Daluoshui Bus Station. 2️⃣ Drive or charter a car from Lijiang, the journey takes about 3.5 to 4.5 hours. 🛏️ Room types: Seaview double room, seaview suite, courtyard standard room, courtyard suite, courtyard double room The room decoration style is in line with the local folk customs and ethnic style 🌟 Highlights: ✅ The location is in the bustling and convenient Daluoshui Village, a transportation hub. It's very convenient to go anywhere. ✅ The inn is 4-5 meters away from the lake, which is one of the homestays closer to the lake in Lugu Lake. ✅ You can see the beautiful lake view from the lobby, and whether it's a lake view room or the lobby, it's great for taking photos. ✅ There is also a tea room in the lobby where you can drink tea 🍵 for free and enjoy at will ✅ Each room is equipped with a super large bathtub. ✅ Free disposable items are provided, and the disposable items and room hardware are high-end, including heating, which is very comfortable to use! ✅ The furniture style in each room is different, all crafted by master artisans ✅ The view from the rooms is all direct lake view, with a private balcony, offering an unobstructed view of the lake, and the view is very good. The blue sky and white clouds of the plateau will relieve you of the city's troubles. ✅ Everyone at the homestay is very enthusiastic, and the sisters and brothers are local Mosuo people. ✅ There is a Sky Realm on the rooftop, which many homestays no longer have now. 💁‍♂️ Services: The housekeeper will contact you one day in advance to confirm the room, inform you of various precautions, transportation, etc., and greet you warmly Free pick-up from Daluoshui Bus Station Help carry luggage to the room, introduce the use of facilities and equipment, and remind you of breakfast 🥣 time. Introduce the surrounding travel strategies. There are also maps to give away The sister was very enthusiastic in helping me take photos, with a warm smile, asking about my well-being, making me feel at home. During the stay, she took care of me like a family member, sending messages to greet me, asking if I needed anything, and reminding me to be safe outside. This is something you can't experience in many hotels. It's not only about the good service of the homestay, but also about the simple spirit of the Mosuo people. Breakfast is provided, and if you don't come down to eat, they will kindly ask if you want it delivered to your room. They will also help you take photos for free ⛱ Hotel environment: ✅ The environment is elegant, each room is very large, the furniture is uniquely shaped, and the ethnic style is strong ✅ The facilities are complete, the public area is fully equipped, and there is even a five-star hardware standard ✅ The feature of the sea view is particularly prominent, allowing you to experience the real sea view effect. It's worth the trip ✅ There are places for photo check-ins, the lobby is very photogenic, including the rooms, balconies, and the Sky Realm on the rooftop ✅ Simple, atmospheric, comfortable, distinctive, and fully functional Surrounding attractions: 🔥 A 5-minute walk will take you to the Mosuo bonfire party 🛶 Just a 5-minute walk along the lake from the homestay is the pig trough boat pier ⛵️ Average consumption: 90/person 📌 Small Tips: The road from Lijiang in winter is slippery, so drive slowly because the road will be icy. It is recommended to depart around noon. The altitude of Lugu Lake is 2700 meters, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so be sure to keep warm. Down jackets are essential. The ultraviolet rays are strong in winter, so bring sun protection items. When coming to Lugu Lake, be sure to take a regular vehicle at the bus station. There are many bends on the road, safety first, choose insured professional vehicles The mysterious and beautiful Lugu Lake, where I experienced the warmth of home, filtered out all my troubles, and made me linger and forget to return 🥲
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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