I went to Qingdao to feed seagulls in March

I picked a weekend with good weather and flew from Wuhan to Qingdao for fun. I didn't do much planning; I just wanted to stroll by the seaside and feed the seagulls from Siberia~ Day1️⃣: Took the 9:05 am flight and arrived at Qingdao Jiaodong Airport at 10:50. I never expected the airport to be so far from the city center (1h45min by subway, 1h by taxi). Eventually, my friend and I chose to take a taxi (which included a 17¥ toll fee), and from afar, I saw the vast, sparkling blue sea🌊! I was prepared for the sea not to be very blue in winter, but Qingdao proved me wrong with its beautiful weather and stunning sea. We reached the hotel around noon, had a meal nearby at 'Chef General's Roasted Elbow', which was both large in portion and tasty, especially the Zen tea tofu - amazing! Then we strolled to 📍Qinyu Road, which was so beautiful, wow! Qingdao's attractions are concentrated, and you can walk through Qinyu Road - Lu Xun Park - Badaguan - Little Qingdao, and more~ We also visited the German Prison (not interested), checked in at the seaside coffee shop VANILLA, and saw a gorgeous sunset there... In the evening, we went to Taidong Pedestrian Street, tried frozen pears, and I suggest those with sensitive teeth to taste with caution🥶 Day2️⃣: Woke up at 9:30 am by the alarm, had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, and then headed to 📍Zhan Bridge to feed the seagulls. It was Sunday and we arrived late, so the bridge was already crowded, which was not a great experience... So we strolled to the Catholic Church, took some photos, and then took a taxi to Xiaoyushan (because it's closer to the sea, we gave up on Signal Hill). It's a very small hill, but the view of Qingdao's yellow walls and red tiles from Xiaoyushan is also beautiful~ We also visited the Beer Museum. In the evening, we had dinner at 'Bo Luo You Zi', didn't like the sea intestine rice, but the large shrimp pan-fried dumplings were fresh and juicy. The Qingdao old fried meat was nothing special to try, but their freshly made pear juice was really delicious! I miss it a lot after returning to Wuhan🥰 Day3️⃣: Another day of waking up naturally and strolling around. We didn't get to Zhan Bridge until almost 11 am, and since it was Monday, there were noticeably fewer people feeding the seagulls. We took many beautiful photos! The seagulls are so cute! You only need a piece of fried dough stick to attract the seagulls! After feeding the seagulls, we walked along Xilingxia Road, strolled along the coastline to 📍Tuandao Farmers Market. Although it wasn't the season for mantis shrimps, we still bought mantis shrimps, bread crabs, clams, and had them cooked at a place in the market (seems to be called 'Xi Zi Seafood Processing'). The taste was just normal; next time I'll wait for the season to go to Liangguang to eat mantis shrimps as long as my forearm! Had some Qingdao beer, I only love the blueberry fruit beer☺️ I must say! Qingdao's strawberries🍓 are incredibly sweet, all go for it! Our flight was at 6:30 pm, so we headed to the airport after 3 pm. It was still sunny when we got on the subway, but the weather changed drastically by the time we reached the airport. Fortunately, my trip was already perfectly complete~ Qingdao is indeed a clean city, and taking a taxi is very convenient... The sea breeze is strong, unless you are very tough, it's better to obediently wear a hat and scarf (from the personal experience of someone who was blown by the wind until tears and snot were flowing)...
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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