The rapeseed flowers of Tian Paradise Dam

In Chongqing!! Rushing towards the spring filled with rapeseed flowers (Thanks to the smart title for saving the lazy) The scale of the rapeseed flowers at Tian Paradise Dam really gave me a bit of a shock It's super large to the naked eye So even though there are a lot of people But in fact, you can also find your own corner for taking photos The rapeseed flowers are currently in full bloom (March 15th), and they might wither in another two weeks, so sisters should hurry to the sea of flowers ⚠️ Parking in the village is uniformly 10 yuan, navigate to "Honglu Village Committee" and then just follow the signs, the village has a one-way street, if it's crowded on the weekend, park as early as possible; ⚠️ I feel that the stalls in the village are not very clean (a lot of dust), try to bring your own food, but water can be bought everywhere in the flower fields.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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