Escape the city during your holiday and enjoy a leisurely space by the sea

Take a break from the busy life, follow the principle of proximity B&B: Spring in the Air.7 Yun 📍Detailed address: About 300 meters north of the Yangkou ticket office in the Laoshan Scenic Area, Yangkou Community, Wanggezhuang Street 🔷 Room types: There are rooms in total, each with its own unique view Each room has a different theme. ✅ Turkish style room ✅ Mediterranean Santorini style room ✅ Chinese tea room ✅ 270-degree sea view room ✅ Private hot spring♨ room type 🔷 So every detail has its origins, the paintings and calligraphy on the walls are all authentic works from famous artists 🔷 Transportation: It takes about 1 hour to drive from the city to the B&B 🔷 Gourmet: There is also a 300-degree sea view cafe for afternoon tea☕, decorated in a style that exudes an 'old money' sophistication🚬 in a Melader color scheme, representing the pinnacle of the current food chain. 🔷 Restaurant: Italian-style sea view restaurant🍴Enjoy a candlelit dinner here, elevate your date, and I believe happiness is experiencing different sceneries with your loved one. 🔶 Notes: Bring several sets of clothes, as every step offers a picturesque scene, perfect for taking photos 🔶 Make sure to prepare adequate sun protection 🔶 There is a parking lot, and parking is free. 🔶 There are plenty of farmhouse feasts nearby, where you can also experience the mountain farmhouse feasts, seafood, or free-range chicken
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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Near Yangkou Scenic Area|Laoshan Scenic Area, Qingdao
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