The unexpected service brought me a pleasant surprise

I haven't been out for fun in a long time, and I feel that even making travel plans seems like a waste of time. After looking at many recommendations online, which all had their pros and cons, I thought about just staying in a sea-view room by the beach without any expectations or excessive searching. However, their service really surprised me. Surprise one: They said they would provide afternoon tea, and I originally thought that the complimentary offer would have many restrictions, such as style or price. But when I went to choose, I found that it was exquisitely made and there were no restrictions, and they would even deliver it to your room. Surprise two: The hotel is right by the sea, and it's super crowded with tourists. You need the staff to come and guide you when driving in, which was very considerate of them to help us find our way. Surprise three: They helped deliver the takeout I ordered right to my room, tirelessly and with a very good attitude. Surprise four: This was the most touching for me. After we checked out, we played around at nearby attractions for a while, then came back to the yard to drive. While searching for dining recommendations in the car, we sat for a long time. When we were about to set off after finishing our search, we reached the entrance of the attraction and needed staff to help open the barrier. Just as I was about to get out of the car to negotiate opening the gate for us, I saw the hotel staff member, the same young man who had received us when we arrived. This scene really moved me. I don't know when he saw us or followed us to the entrance, but it really gave me a new appreciation for this hotel and the unexpected surprises they provide. Highly recommended! I will definitely stay here again next time!
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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