The highlight of Segovia is the Roman aqueduct and the archetype of the Snow White Castle - Alcazar. In addition, roast suckling pigs are a speciality here, almost all restaurants have. I recommend an old shop next to the big aqueduct. We dared to go to the ceremony of cutting the suckling pig. The old shopkeeper with the medal was given a speech, and then quickly cut the suckling pig with a dish to prove that the suckling pig was very tender and then very I slammed the dishes into the air and smashed them. The applause of the audience was very fun. After eating the meal on the way to the castle, you will pass through a patisserie with a Segovia cake. It is a lemon-flavored sponge cake with almond marshmallows and icing with a crumble pattern. The appearance is very simple and the taste is very good, and the sweet food always makes people feel happy. Almost four o'clock can return to the aqueduct by bus. The warm sunshine casts its shadow on the ground and climbs onto the observatory. You can see the fascinating appearance of a huge dense tooth comb inserted into the earth. ps: I met the police and didn't know the rallies. I took a picture of a handsome uniform.
Posted: Nov 21, 2015
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