New Retro Style | The fear of trendy people in Seongsu-dong is about to break out

| The fear of trendy people in Seongsu-dong is about to break out.🔴Under the coat of concrete and factory style Seongsu-dong has set off a new wave of retro style The factory area has transformed into a new trendy world Becoming a symbolic area of Seoul Trendy brands and luxury goods Coffee and desserts Seongsu-dong has since been known as the 'Brooklyn of Korea'⚪️ 🟢【Seongsu-dong】Seongsu-dong 【Transportation】Take Seoul Metro Line 2 to Seongsu Station 【Opening hours】Open all day 【Tickets】Free -Seongsu-dong was once a densely populated industrial park with factories. With the decline of the manufacturing industry, abandoned warehouses and dilapidated factory buildings. Seongsu-dong also entered a period of decline -In the mid-2000s 'Urban Regeneration Project', Seongsu-dong began to seek new changes, the original abandoned factories and warehouses turned into shops, collection stores, workshops and comprehensive cultural spaces with full of personality -Murals, coffee shops, trendy brands and other elements gather here, making Seongsu-dong full of vitality again, and now it has become a super popular trendy check-in place ✔️【Check-in place summary】 🥖Onion | Retro coffee roasting shop, the shop is transformed from a 1970s factory building, retaining the traces of history, full of retro style, super many beautiful breads and desserts ☕️Dalin Warehouse | Like onion, Dalin is also a compound art space transformed from a factory, with coffee, desserts, simple meals, and a full artistic atmosphere 🍰Nudake | Art cafe under the Gentle Monster brand, Jennie's same matcha cake, milk yellow exterior wall, paired with bright red color blocks, has become a niche check-in place 👢Rockfish | A raincoat and rain boot brand from Great Britain, the blue and white British style building is very eye-catching, there are three floors in the store, displaying classic rain boots and ballet shoes, as well as other socks, raincoats, umbrellas and other rain gear for sale ▪️Martin Kim | Street trend brand made famous by Taeyeon, with a distinct design style and relatively affordable prices 🥔The rumored Seongsu Spine Potato Soup | Korean drama same potato spine soup, near Rockfish, there are already many people waiting in line at the door after 5 o'clock
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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Seoul | 277-135, Seongsu-dong 2-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
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