Belonging to Shanghai's small bridges and flowing water | Jiading Zhouqiao Old Street

Address: No. 68 Shaxia Road, Jiading District, Shanghai Transportation: 🚇Transfer to Jiading 12 Road at Jiading North Station on Metro Line 11 Didi: Directly 'Zhouqiao Old Street' Time: Open all day without time limit One of Shanghai's ancient towns, Jiading 'Zhouqiao Old Street' ancient town Jiading was recognized by the National Construction Department as a 'Chinese historical and cultural ancient town' The root of Jiading. To this day, eight hundred years have not moved, one tower, two rivers, three streets, four bridges It is the birthplace of Jiading's historical and cultural. Within this thousand parts, it gathers Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing historical ancient towers, stone steps, old bridges, old temples, famous women and other relics, with a vast human culture and deep connotation. Tourists can visit Hui Long Tan, Confucius Temple, Fahua Temple, Qiu Xia Pu and other places with rich ancient charm You can also visit the Bamboo Carving Museum, Lu Yanshao Art Museum, and watch the old street style and taste snacks on both sides of the Cross River, looking for the mark of the ancient city civilization in the south of the Yangtze River~
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Posted: Dec 23, 2023
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Zhouqiao Old Street

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