Explore the fantasy world! Shanghai Disney guide is here!

🚗Transportation 1️⃣Take the subway🚇: Take Line 11 to and from Jiading North/Huaqiao and Disney, get off at the final station🏁 and you're there! After exiting the station, come out from Exit 1 & 4, and walk for 5-10 minutes following the signs to reach your destination. 2️⃣Take the bus🚌: Choose Pudong bus route 50/51/52, just note that the last bus is earlier than the subway! 3️⃣Take a taxi🚕: You can get off at the West Bus Hub and walk for 10 minutes to reach the main entrance of the park. 4⃣️Self-driving: Navigate to the P6 parking lot of Shanghai Disney Resort, and then walk 700 meters to reach the west entrance of the park. (Please refer to the picture below for parking fees) 🧳Essential items 🔅Original ID card (for park ticket inspection) 🔅Large capacity power bank (taking photos really drains the battery) 🔅Non-glass water bottle (there are free🆓 drinking water spots next to the park restrooms) 🔅A pair of comfortable shoes👟 (very important, otherwise your feet will protest after walking all day) 🔅Raincoat (needed for rafting projects) 🔅Disney Resort APP (convenient for checking park map🗺️, queue time and performance schedule) 🔆If you bring children, remember to rent a stroller, which can not only seat the child, but also place bags, renting on Taobao is cheaper than renting at the door! 🔆Don't forget to bring some bread and snacks, you can enjoy them while queuing! The park's catering not only wastes time, but also is not cost-effective. 🍲Restaurant recommendations 🍢Barbossa Barbecue Restaurant 💰About 80-100 yuan 🍕Pinocchio's Village Kitchen 💰About 100 yuan ⏰Recommended play order 🏰First, take a photo of the castle as a souvenir! ✈️Then, Soaring Over the Horizon, feel the immersive fantasy journey! 🌊Next, have a thrilling Roaring Rapids! 🏴‍☠️Don't miss the classic Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure! 🍎Next, go to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and start a thrilling adventure with Snow White! 🐲Don't forget to experience the fun of racing with Hug Dragon! 💨Try TRON Lightcycle Power Run, feel the collision of speed and passion! 🚀Finally, embark on a space journey with Buzz Lightyear and protect the peace of the universe! This is the wonder of Shanghai Disney! Don't hesitate, let's start the magical adventure together!✨💫
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 19, 2024
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