Shanghai | Disney in winter can really heal everything

Winter Fantasy Ice and Snow Festival📅: 2023.11.14~2024.2.24 Stay in a hotel near Disney the night before, I stayed at the Orange Hotel on Chuansha South Road🍊Highly recommended⭐8:30 entry, sisters of the birthday month can get a birthday badge at the service center! ✅Must bring: 1️⃣ID card (direct entry with ID card) 2️⃣Power bank (also available for rent in the park, but it's more convenient to bring your own) 3️⃣Dry food (except for instant noodles, self-heating hot pot, drinks, other small snacks and dry food are allowed to be brought into the park, you can replenish energy while queuing) 4️⃣Water cup (drinking water is available in the park🚰) 5️⃣Raincoat (for playing Thunder Mountain Rafting) 6️⃣Download the "Disney Resort" app in advance, scan the code to bind the ticket after entering the park and getting the paper ticket🎫Check the queue time for each project in real time ✅Must-do projects (check the app in real time, go to the one with the shortest queue first) Pirates of the Caribbean🏴‍☠️(suitable for men, women, old and young) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (not a thrilling roller coaster) Tron Lightcycle Power Run (worth a few tries, great experience) Soaring Over the Horizon (shocking) Thunder Mountain Rafting (remember to prepare a raincoat) Roaring Rapids (strong sense of weightlessness, those who like excitement can go for it) ✅Must-see performances Mickey's Storybook Express Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular 👧🏻👦🏻PS: Those with kids can go to queue for spinning honey pot🍯, carousel🎠, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, these are suitable for children ✅Parade Daytime 14:30/Evening 18:30 Interact with the Disney main characters at close range, a super happy session, go early to get a good spot, the interaction is more intimate. ✅Mickey Avenue Snowfall❄️ ⏰17:45/19:15 The Mickey Avenue at night will be covered with heavy snow, and snowflakes will float around the clock tower❄️It's as beautiful as it can be🥺 ✅Castle Light Show🏰Fireworks Display🎆 ⏰: 21:15~21:30 Just be shocked, princesses, enjoy this ending fireworks feast in a magical day! 🥣About dining🍴 ⭐️Marvel Restaurant, I would call it the best of burgers! Black truffle Wagyu burger🍔is super delicious ⭐️Mickey & Pals Market Café, there are many choices inside, and the taste is good 📷About photo spots 1️⃣The flower bed at the entrance (the background is the clock tower, absolutely beautiful) 2️⃣The square in front of the castle (the golden sunset and the pink castle are the fairy tale world in reality) 3️⃣The bridge on the left side of the castle (the feeling of extension, very suitable for side face and back shots) 4️⃣Balloon (shoot upwards in front of the balloon, you can avoid the crowd and have a dreamy feeling) 5️⃣Carousel/honey pot for close-up portraits 6️⃣All the shop windows, toy areas in the shops are good for taking pictures It's really tiring, but it's also really happy🥳
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Jan 19, 2024
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