Experience immersive script park in the beautiful Zhouqiao Old Street

✨Today is the first day of the New Year, and I came to Zhouqiao Old Street with friends. I happened to see this script game shop in the scenic area. The shop is decorated in an antique style and matches the scenic area, so I came to experience it. 💯Costume experience: Here you can experience costume changing. It feels special to change into ancient costumes in the old street. There are many styles of clothes here, and there are even more clothes for girls. The styles are also very good-looking💯There are also thick winter clothes, so you won't feel cold when taking pictures outdoors. There are also small bags, fans, rabbit lights and other props to match, and taking pictures in the old street📸 is very photogenic. 💯Plot experience: Here you can change into ancient costumes and explore the entire Zhouqiao Old Street. You can find corresponding NPCs in the scenic area to do tasks, interact and compete in acting. In the process of doing tasks, you can also learn about the intangible cultural heritage here, the characteristics of bamboo carving, and the history of red culture, which is both educational and entertaining👍🏻 After completing the tasks, you can also stamp and check in, and finally you can get a blessing card to write a New Year's blessing for yourself. 💯NPC performance: The performance of the NPCs is very in place, they can interact with you very well👉You can also play interactive games such as pot throwing in the park. The NPCs will also ask you many cultural questions about here, and you need to go to various places in the old street to find the answers.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by AI.
Posted: Feb 1, 2024
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Zhouqiao Old Street

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