When in Shanghai, you must go to the night view sightseeing route of the Bund in Magic City

When in Shanghai, you must go to the night view sightseeing route of the Bund in Magic City. Recently, some friends from other places asked me if they want to come to Shanghai to play, are there many people? I can only say that there are not a little bit of people, especially in places like Disneyland and the Bund, which are iconic check-in spots. (The last three pictures show the flow of people on the Bund) Friends who have never been to Shanghai are really worth coming to see and feel the atmosphere of Magic City. But recently, Shanghai is either stuffy or rainy, either sunny or humid, and many friends from the north may not be able to adapt to the climate here. I have organized a classic night view sightseeing route, classic three-piece set, four-piece set, Oriental Pearl, Waibaidu Bridge, People's Heroes Monument, Chen Yi Square, Customs Building, many internet celebrity check-in points can be covered, the whole process is free of charge, 360 degrees unobstructed view of the river. Route: Zhapu Road Bridge→Waibaidu Bridge Shanghai People's Memorial Tower Bund Sightseeing Avenue Photo shooting route Taken on Zhapu Road Bridge, the famous Master Bridge P3-8 Bund Sightseeing Avenue can be taken at will Post Office Building, can be photographed on Zhapu Road Bridge The building that looks like a monk's hat is the Westin Hotel in the Bund Center of Shanghai, which is now also an internet celebrity check-in point
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
Jason CF Cheung
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It's really beautiful 🌹
Adventure Aunty
Adventure Aunty
Magical indeed 😍😍
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