Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival: Lighting up the brilliant night of Shanghai!

The Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival of the Year of the Dragon has already had its grand lighting! This year, it continues the astonishing theme of 'The Wonders of Mountains and Seas', embarking on a fantastical journey of the 'Sea Classics'. Stepping into Yuyuan Garden is like traveling through time and space, entering the grand era of the Tang Dynasty depicted in books, making one marvel at the ultimate Chinese-style romance! 😍 ✨✨✨ The Big Reveal of the Check-in Route ✨✨✨ 📍 Lao Miao Gold and Silver Building: The ancient-style architecture with a giant dragon perched atop is the perfect starting point for the lantern festival! 📍 Gate 5: Enter from here, pass through the Central Square, Nine-Turn Bridge, Tianyu Building, Ninghui Road, and Bailing Building, and finally exit from Gate 7. 🌟 Photo Spots You Can't Miss 🌟 1. 🐲 Lao Miao Gold Entrance: The perfect combination of ancient architecture and a giant dragon, with the best shooting angle from diagonally across the street! 2. 🐲 Gate 5 Lion: Pass through the lion's mouth to start the fantastical journey! 3. 🐲 Central Square Big Dragon: The theme of the Year of the Dragon is shockingly presented, perfectly blending modern with classical! 4. 🏮 Nine-Turn Bridge: Surrounded by a pool full of marine creatures, it's like stepping into the world of 'The Classic of Mountains and Seas'! 5. 🏯 Tianyu Building 2nd Floor (Piyeh Coffee): A different angle to view Yuyuan Garden, offering you a unique surprise! 6. 🏮 Ninghui Road Fish and Dragon Dance: The busiest street, looking up with passersby adds a different flavor! 7. 🐦 Bailing Building 3rd Floor: High-angle shooting to display the spectacular scene of the Fish and Dragon Dance! 8. 🚪 Gate 7 Dragon Pillar: A perfect end to this fantastical journey! 🕓 Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival Schedule 🕓 January 21 - February 9: Free admission! February 10 - February 25: Adults 💰80r, Children 💰50r. February 26 - February 29: Free admission! 💡 Lighting time: Daily 16:30-22:00, the brilliant night awaits your exploration! Friends, what are you waiting for? Come to Yuyuan Garden and experience this dreamlike lantern festival! 🎈🎈🎈
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Posted: Feb 26, 2024
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