Sharing some happiness in Shanghai that doesn't cost a penny

Many people think Shanghai is expensive, and have even nicknamed its prices 'Shanghai Currency', but did you know? There are still many joys in Shanghai that can be had without spending a dime! Today, Muhua will share with you 9 ways to have fun in Shanghai for free. ❤️I am Muhua, taking you to unlock 1001 warm ways to play in Shanghai! 1. Visit the North Bund Post Museum to see the century-old classical architecture This European eclectic-style building, built in 1924, has been through a hundred years and still has an astonishing charm, with a fully transparent glass elevator, going up and down, giving the illusion of traveling through time. 2. Experience the magical world's library at Xujiahui Academy To express that 'reading is sacred', architect David Chipperfiled opened up a three-story high hall, making the entire building transparent and magnificent, with bookshelves on every wall, walking inside the academy is like wandering through a sea of books. 3. Go to Sichuan North Road Bridge to take a photo with Shanghai's iconic trio Here you can take a photo with the three tall buildings of Shanghai in one frame, and because there are so many 'magicians', it is also known as the Magician's Bridge. 4. Visit Sweet Love Road to see the heart-shaped traffic lights Shanghai's most romantic road, not only has a pleasant name but also has a charming atmosphere, and the popular heart-shaped traffic lights have also appeared in many Shanghai people's wedding photos. 5. Go to the 'Forest-bound' subway on Yan'an West Road In the summer, Line 3's Yan'an West Road station transforms into a fairy tale world's forest train station. 6. Visit Yuyuan Road Citywalk This artistic road is lush with trees, and the small shops on both sides of the street have their own characteristics, eat and stroll, and time just slips away. 7. Go to Zhangyuan and Fengshengli to feel the delicacy and fashion of Shanghai The combination of Shanghainese architectural elements such as red bricks, gray walls, and wooden window shutters with international brands, and cuisines from various countries converge here. 8. Feel the beauty in museums Shanghai has a total of 160 museums, in addition to large museums like the Shanghai Museum, there are also many niche museums with high curatorial standards, such as the Minhang Museum, which are free of charge. 9. Visit the Wuzhong Market to experience the chic of Shanghai's vegetable markets Bright chandeliers, tidy arrangements, a dazzling array of fruits and vegetables, electronic scales and price tags, it's no wonder that many photographers come here to take pictures. Whether you live in Shanghai or not, these little joys that don't cost money will definitely make you (re)fall in love with this city.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 27, 2024
Callum McNeill-Keay
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