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Originally the site of the workshop for the century-old national brand Marie Paints, it is located at 850 West Kang Road, Jing'an District📍 🌟As an important epitome in the history of the development of Chinese art paints, the building carries and has accumulated over a hundred years of memories of national industrial development. China's first watercolor paint, first oil paint, first crayon, first soft-tube Chinese painting paint, and first acrylic paint were all born here. 🎨Upon entering the park, you can see the landmark art installation of a bending girl right in the center, which is also the iconic attraction of the park. The ivy-covered exterior walls of the buildings, the lush ivy stretches freely, full of vitality and vigor. The white balconies and colorful stairs are scattered in an orderly fashion, making it very suitable for photography. 📷Climbing up the colorful stairs to the second floor, there is a spacious terrace with a broad view. Standing on the terrace, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire park, as well as the high-rise buildings and bustling streets not far away. 🔥The overall architectural style of the park is full of modern art while retaining the historical traces of the old factory. Strolling in the park, you can see many creative graffiti and art works, feeling a strong artistic atmosphere. The unique select shops, restaurants, cafes, and niche galleries are closely packed, highlighting the unique charm of the city. Hope this place gets better and better.
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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