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Please accept this nanny-level guide to the Shanghai Yu Garden Lantern Festival, complete with a route

The Yu Garden Lantern Festival for the Year of the Dragon has officially lit up~ This year continues the theme of last year's 'Shanhai Qiyu Ji', launching the 'Sea Sutra' theme. Stepping into Yu Garden, one can't help but exclaim that this is the ceiling of Chinese-style romance! The grandeur of the Tang Dynasty described in books unfolds before my eyes~ The 'night of fish and dragon dance' from Xin Qiji's poetry has been visualized. It's just like the real-life version of Big Fish & Begonia. 🗺️Check-in Route Lao Miao Gold and Silver Building➡️Enter through Gate 5➡️Central Square➡️Nine-Turn Bridge➡️Tianyu Building➡️Ninghui Road➡️Bailing Building➡️Exit through Gate 7 🐲Lao Miao Gold Entrance An ancient-style building with a huge dragon perched on top, the Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival starts the check-in here! Best shot from diagonally across the street! 🐲Gate 5 Take a Picture with the Lion Entering the Yu Garden Lantern Festival through the lion's mouth is super magical. 🐲Central Square Take a Picture with the Main Dragon I must say, the theme of the Year of the Dragon is too domineering! Several dragons gathered together, combined with the electronic screen in the middle, the fusion of modern and classical! It's really shocking. 🐲Nine-Turn Bridge This is also a must-check-in every year~ A whole wall of lanterns forms the number 2024, I really like this ceremonial installation. Walking on the bridge, surrounded by marine creatures, stepping into the world of 'Shanhai Jing'. 🐲Tianyu Building 2nd Floor (Pie Grandpa Coffee) A different angle of Yu Garden will definitely surprise you~ 🐲Ninghui Road Take a Picture of the Night of Fish and Dragon Dance This is the most crowded street, if you want to capture a picture without people, it is recommended to shoot upwards, actually including passersby also has a lively atmosphere~ 🐲Bailing Building Third Floor You can take a high-angle shot of the night of fish and dragon dance. 🐲Exit through Gate 7 Take a Picture with the Coiling Dragon Pillar ⏰Yu Garden Lantern Festival Time January 21st to February 9th Free admission February 10th to February 25th Adults 💰80r, Children 💰50r February 26th to February 29th Free admission Lighting time 16:30 to 22:00
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
Yalinda Chan
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