eck in at the bustling Shanghai Bund with the flowers

Take advantage of the weekend for a flower-themed City Walk to experience the old Shanghai cuisine and the lively atmosphere. Stroll and eat without retracing your steps. Route: Jinxian Road, Kaisiling Huanghe Road (International Hotel, Dingsheng Cake, Taisheng Garden), Yong'an Department Store, Spare Ribs Rice Cake, Peace Hotel, No. 27 on the Bund, Waibaidu Bridge, Zhapu Road Jinxian Road (Night Tokyo): A 10-minute walk from South Shaanxi Road subway station. In just over 400 meters, you can feel the local atmosphere of Shanghai, gathering many famous local restaurants such as Hai Jinzi, Lanxin Restaurant, and Chun Restaurant. Kaisiling (Uncle loves to eat): Walk from Jinxian Road along Maoming Road to West Nanjing Road and turn left to reach Kaisiling in 15 minutes. Kaisiling is most famous for its white cream chestnut cake, full of childhood memories. Huanghe Road: About a 20-minute walk from Kaisiling International Hotel: The most famous is the butterfly pastry, 325 yuan for a large piece. If you don't want to queue, it is recommended to open the takeaway app, and you can buy it on Meituan. Personally, I think the butterfly pastry from the Food One Store is tastier, which you will pass by on the way, so you can try it! Xinghua Lou Dingsheng Cake (Uncle likes): Right opposite the International Hotel, they had stopped selling Dingsheng Cake, but after the popularity of the area, they started selling it again recently, 16 yuan a box. Taisheng Garden (The prototype of Zhizhen Garden): It is said to be booked a month in advance, so just take a quick photo at the entrance. Yong'an Department Store (The prototype of Hulian Department Store): Walk along Nanjing Road to Zhejiang Road to reach Yong'an Department Store, one of the first department stores in old Shangha
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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