is is not Tibet; this is the ancient town of Dukezong in Shangri-La

💞 Dukezong Ancient Town is the best preserved and largest Tibetan residential area in China. The ancient town of Dukezong is built according to the mountain terrain, with uneven roads. These are old stones laid naturally over the years. By 2021, deep horseshoe prints still remain on the stone roads, which are the tokens left by the horse caravans of the past. 📍 Address: Kangzhu Avenue, Shangri-La City, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province 📌 Name: Dukezong Ancient Town Admission: Free ⏰ Visiting time: 1-2 hours is recommended. ⚫️ For the horse caravans traversing the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Dukezong Ancient Town is a major town on the route and also the first stop after entering Tibet, which is considered a relatively comfortable part of the journey. 📜 As the oldest castle on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Dukezong Ancient Town welcomes the endless stream of merchants in the history of the Tea Horse Road with its unique geographical location and the vicissitudes of an ancient city. At the same time, the development of commerce has also cultivated generations of great merchants from Dukezong Ancient Town. Ma Zhucail is one of them. As a Tibetan partner of the 'Zhucail' firm, Ma Zhucail explored the outside world along the long historical footsteps of Dukezong Ancient Town. . tip: 1️⃣ Be sure to visit Turtle Mountain Park in Dukezong Ancient Town, which is a great place to overlook the ancient town. 2️⃣ It is recommended to visit the ancient town in the afternoon or before evening, with the best spot located below Turtle Mountain Park. Accommodation🏨 Most of the guesthouses are Tibetan style, and those who like different styles can experience it. 🍱 Tibetan Cuisine Dukezong Ancient Town mainly offers Tibetan dishes such as yak meat hotpot, grilled mushrooms, beef patties, highland barley cakes, and buttered tea. Some restaurants also provide Tibetan song and dance performances. 🚌 Transportation You can take a bus to Shangri-La City or drive and park at the North Gate parking lo
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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