Shangri-La Two-Day Tour Guide

Shangri-La Dukezong Ancient Town - Songzanlin Monastery - Napa Lake It's a relaxing tour of strolling, eating, and snapping photos. About Food and Accommodation In the evening, we drove from Haba Village to Shangri-La Ancient Town and booked a homestay on the road after seeing recommendations from fellow travelers. We chose one called . Luckily, it was past the peak season, and there was one room left. The communication with the landlady was very pleasant; she's a cheerful and lively girl. After asking about the food, accommodation, and attractions around the ancient town, the recommendations were all great, so we decided to stay put. The breakfast the next day was deliciously surprising; my partner picked the black-bone chicken rice noodles, and I picked the plain porridge. The homestay environment is excellent, with a Japanese style, uniquely designed by a designer. The background wall of the Meili Snow Mountain in the lobby is hand-painted by the designer, very magnificent. The stinky tofu with sauce in the ancient town is super tasty, different from Lijiang. There's a newly opened rice noodle shop near the north gate of the ancient town that's also delicious, offering a different flavor from Lijiang. Shangri-La has many yak meat hotpot restaurants. The landlady recommended one on the outskirts of the ancient town, which was quite good, and the highland barley cake was delicious. We also went to a Lanzhou noodle restaurant run by Xinjiang people, and the best thing turned out to be the meat sandwich, haha😊. The restaurant is called Lanzhou Noodles, located at the first turn south of the ancient town's north gate. About Surrounding Attractions Dukezong Ancient Town is not big, mainly for renting Tibetan costumes for photo shoots. Many boys also take photos, so more and more photography shops are opening. In the evening, there are song and dance activities in the square, which you can join. Songzanlin Monastery is known as the 'Little Potala Palace' and is worth a visit. Half a day is enough, but a full day is also fine, with many Tibetans going there to pray. In the afternoon, you can go to Napa Lake to take photos. The lake is yellow and dry in winter, just average without sunlight, but greener and more beautiful in summer. However, I like the dry and yellow grassland, which feels tragic. You should go to the northeast side of the lake, the free area, where there are many coffee shops and homestays under renovation along the way. On the east side of the lake, we drove from south to north, and the scenery became more beautiful the further north we went, I think. We also found some free time to get a massage and foot soak in the ancient town, recommended by the landlady, right next to the north gate. Mainly because we had been hiking for four consecutive days and were too tired, the next four days were all about leisurely tours, from Shangri-La Ancient Town to Lijiang Ancient Town😊. We were supposed to go to the nearby Balagezong Snow Mountain for another hike (also recommended by the landlady), but we ended up lying in the homestay, unable to move😭
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Posted: Apr 1, 2024
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