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Visit the panoramic spot of Dukezong Ancient Town for a punch card Wandering around, I stumbled upon this secluded spot It's located on the hill behind Dukezong Ancient Town Also the place in Shangri-La with the most prayer flags You have to climb a bit of a hill About 100 meters, but it's quite tiring The temple is small, with very few tourists From there, you can overlook the entire Dukezong Ancient Town Many prayer flags make it a great spot for taking photos in Tibetan costumes. 🌟The origin of Baiji Temple: Since the temple was built, whenever there are disasters, the local people would come to the temple to pray and make vows to avert misfortune, often releasing a chicken as a form of 'life release' on the mountain. During the incense offering, it's common for people to scatter feed, resulting in flocks of domestic chickens inside and outside the temple, hence the name Baiji Temple. 🎫Ticket: Free About an hour is enough for a visit. 📍Location: Navigate to Baiji Temple It's on the hill behind the Indigo Hotel Walk 100 meters uphill from the Indigo Hotel, on the right side there is a staircase leading up the slope, then go forward another 30 meters and on the left side walk through a sky bridge filled with small prayer wheels, continue straight for 200 meters (You can drive there, just a hundred meters or so). ❤️ps: You can hang prayer flags and light incense at the top There are really a lot of chickens around the temple It is said that there are no toilets on top (because there is one toilet for the use of 2 monks) If you like exploring off-the-beaten-path spots in Shangri-La, you can take a stroll here
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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