The place closest to heaven—Shangri-La

Shangri-La, the place closest to heaven, boasts beautiful scenery at an altitude of 3600-4200 meters. "Shangri-La" means "the sun and moon in one's heart" in Tibetan. 🔥 Transportation Guide🚙 ✈️Plane: Direct flights to Diqing Shangri-La Airport, then transfer to a bus/public transport; or transfer via Kunming/Lijiang to reach by high-speed train/bus. 🚄High-speed train: Shangri-La station, then transfer to public transport/taxi to hotels and attractions (Kunming→Shangri-La, 4.5h). 🚘Self-driving (chartered car): Take the expressway, National Highway 214, or the Eastern Ring Road, with the Eastern Ring Road being the most scenic. ​ 🔥 Attraction Recommendations 📍Potatso National Park China's first national park, the place of Serteng revival, "Potatso" in Tibetan means to ferry all living beings to the other shore of suffering. 📍Baishuitai China's version of "Cotton Castle," where the azure spring water💧 flows over naturally formed limestone terraces, Baishuitai is a natural wonder formed by the dissolution of calcium carbonate in the spring water. The spring water, containing calcium bicarbonate, flows slowly, and carbonates gradually precipitate, forming terraces over the years, resembling layered terraces. 📍Songzanlin Monastery The largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the world, known as the "Little Potala Palace." It houses a large number of Buddhist relics and classic architecture. 📍Tiger Leaping Gorge One of China's deepest gorges, hidden at the junction of Shangri-La and Lijiang, with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on one side and Haba Snow Mountain on the other. During the rainy season from May to September, the river water rises rapidly, which is quite spectacular. 📍Dukezong Ancient Town Known as the "Moonlight City Castle built on stone," it still retains the world's largest and highest prayer wheel, where you can walk clockwise around the prayer wheel three times. 📍Napa Lake Napa Lake is not a sea but a seasonal highland lake, with Shangri-La's largest grassland, tranquil lakes, and majestic mountains, horses and lambs, and Tibetan dress photography is very photogenic📸. 📍Meili Snow Mountain Gang Meili Snow Mountain is very close to Shangri-La, with the 'golden pagoda'-shaped main peak of Meili - Kawagebo Peak, the thirteen peaks of Meili, located at the confluence of the Jinsha River, Lancang River, and Nu River. It is said that those who see the sun shining on the golden mountain at Meili Snow Mountain will be lucky for the whole year, and the best season is autumn and winter. The Wunongding viewing platform is the best position to capture the panoramic view of Meili Snow Mountain. 📍Liangbeng A place yearned for by many hiking enthusiasts, known as "hiking paradise." The last village in China to be electrified, Liangbeng is located at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, and the sun shining on the golden mountain seen from Liangbeng village has a unique angle. ⚠️When entering Songzanlin Monastery, a Buddhist holy site, be sure to pay attention to your attire when visiting inside; do not wear short skirts, shorts, or sleeveless backless clothes. Photography is not allowed inside the hall, and remember to take off hats and sunglasses to respect local customs and culture. 🔥 Shangri-La Specialty Cuisine 🌟 Zongka Tibetan Meal The yak meat hot pot ingredients are really good and delicious, very tender! The yak pizza amazed me, with a crispy crust and a very fragrant filling. 🌟 Mariga Tibetan Meal It's like Tibetan dumplings filled with yak meat, really delicious when dipped in sauce. 🌟 Old Boy Barbecue 🍢 Their barbecue is quite flavorful, with delicious grilled meat skewers and grilled garlic. 🌟 Ama's Butter Tea 🧀 Butter milk cheese: With barley grains and cheese chunks on top, and yogurt below, stir it up, and the barley with yogurt is very fragrant. 🍮 Barley milk tea: With barley on top of the milk tea, the milk tea is not sweet, and it's very warming in the cold weather there. 🌟 Shunshun Snacks 🍜 Yak meat rice noodles: The beef is very fragrant, and the soup base is rich, not the clear soup type, with the addition of pickled cabbage and chili, you can't stop eating. 🍚 Yak meat fried rice: The fried rice is distinct, and when you take a big bite, it's super fragrant, and there's a lot of yak meat. 🥩 Yak meat buns: Their buns are super delicious!!! With large chunks of yak meat paired with green pepper filling, the presence of green pepper perfectly cuts through the richness, making it easy and burden-free to eat, really super fragrant. ​
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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