op by the ancient city of Huizhou to experience the charm of Huizhou in winter

After a seven-day cultural exploration trip through Jiangxi and Anhui, to truly appreciate the Huizhou style, one must visit the ancient city of Huizhou. Take your time to look carefully, walk slowly, and savor the details to understand the historical and cultural heritage of Huizhou. Outside the main gate of the ancient city, there stand two sculptures, one of Huang Binhong and the other of Tao Xingzhi. Both were from Shexian County and made outstanding contributions in the fields of education and painting. Inside the city, there are ancient structures such as the Qiao Tower, the Huizhou Prefecture Yamen, the Xu Guo Stone Archway, Dou Mountain Street, the Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall, the Huang Binhong Memorial Hall, and outside the city, across the Taiping Bridge, one can reach the Xin'an Stele Park and the Taibai Tower (the old museum of Shexian County). Among them, the Qiao Tower and the Xu Guo Stone Archway are the oldest. Although the Qiao Tower has been renovated, its 26 pillars stand tall, and while its military lookout function has faded, its grandeur remains. The Xu Guo Stone Archway, built for Xu Guo of Shexian County, has four sides and eight pillars, known as the 'octagonal archway.' It was constructed by the order of the Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty to honor Xu Guo for his outstanding contributions to the country. It was built when Xu Guo returned to Shexian County in glory, leaving behind historical memories and cultural marks for the county. To explore the historical memories of Shexian County, one must taste and reflect slowly to feel the Huizhou culture that has been submerged in the passage of time. In these peaceful times, spring is warm and flowers bloo
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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