Spring Outing at Home~~ Come and see the starry sky!

Spring Outing at Home | 20 little things you must do when living in the mountains of Tonglu . Escape the city, 🌃 let's go on a spring outing in the mountains together! Enjoy a poetic life away from the world in Tonglu, don't miss this warm spring atmosphere Hangzhou, 🚙 Shanghai short-distance self-driving preferred location, immerse in a leisurely sightseeing life · 🏃‍♀️Tour · 1. Traverse the ancient Malin Trail, experience the tranquility of nature, 🌿 breathe in the oxygen for healing deep in the jungle 2. Take a boat ride on Lutsi Bay, 🌊 appreciate the coastal scenery surrounded by mountains and water 3. Visit the ancient villages that have experienced vicissitudes, feel the idyllic life in the Fuchun Mountains Residence painting 🌲 4. Ride a bicycle through the mountain paths, ☘ enjoy the beautiful spring scenery and the beauty of the mountains and rivers along the way 5. Search for spring in the valley, 💐 peach blossoms, wild cherry blossoms, and snow willows bloom in succession, capturing the romance of spring · 🏃‍♀️Play · 6. Capture the touching moments and natural charm of the mountains, ⛰ record unforgettable moments 7. Encounter the sprouting of spring in the woods, 🫐 pick a handful of wild fruits, dig a few fresh bamboo shoots 8. Wade through the clear stream water warmed by the sunlight, catch the little rockfish hidden in the crevices 💦 9. Take a morning walk in the mountains where the ion content is extremely high, ☁ feel the fresh and natural air 10. Order a cup of coffee, ☕ admire the clouds and mist in the mountains, quietly feel the peace · 🏃‍♀️Enjoy · 11. In the greenery of the mountains, 💦 enjoy every ray of sunlight next to the swimming pool lawn 12. Explore the artistic bookstore hidden in the forest, quietly sit by the window and read a book 📖 13. Taste the specialty Tonglu farmhouse dishes made by the B&B aunt, 🍤 enjoy the fresh seasonal mountain delicacies 14. Feel the cool evening breeze, sit around with friends for an outdoor BBQ, unlimited joy 🍢 15. Order a special cocktail at the lobby bar, 🍺 get tipsy in this leisurely mountain wilderness · 🏃‍♀️Stay · 16. Experience the joy of seclusion in the mountains, ✨ steal half a day of leisure from life, completely empty yourself 17. Stay in the tranquil Lanlan residence built against the mountain, 🎋 meet the natural landscape of wild luxury and seclusion 18. In the terrace pool, 🛁 throw the worries of the city behind, enjoy the joy of the mountains and forests alone 19. In the mountain and water tea lounge, listen to the tinkling of water, 🍵 blow the gentle breeze, brew a pot of good tea 20. Take advantage of the moonlight, 🌙 sit in the courtyard and watch the starry sky, feel the peaceful and comfortable seclusion · 🏠Stay at the B&B | Jinglu Lanlan 📍Address | Group 2, Shenkeng, Xiekengkou Village, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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