Don't squeeze into the crowds at Daqi Mountain! Come to Baiyun Source to enjoy the greenery

It's Tonglu, Hangzhou! It's Baiyun Source❗️ The beautiful scenery reflected in the water, where the mountains and waters blend into one. I thought that there were already few visitors to Daqi Mountain, but it turns out that the flow of visitors to Baiyun Source is even less. Compared to Fuchun River, Baiyun Source is indeed less sought after! There is almost no commercialization here, no overdevelopment, very pristine. It retains the serene scenery undisturbed by crowds, somewhat like the Jiuxi area of West Lake, but even more unspoiled. Just the mountain road leading to the scenic area, with its surrounding scenery, is enough to refresh the spirit. And when you step into Baiyun Source, what comes at you is the saturated green of the mountains and trees reflected in the pond water, as if you have entered the Emerald City of Oz, momentarily unable to distinguish between reality and a painting.
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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