Zhejiang's soon-to-be viral niche check-in spot!! Shockingly tearful

For the giant purple Yunxian hands🤌 in the mountains I took a trip to Tonglu Strolling on the dreamy purple plank road💜 Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Fuchun Mountains in Tonglu I was truly amazed!! And unexpectedly, it's really suitable for taking kids out Share, the baby had more fun here than I did😂 🗺️My travel route Flying Carpet→Purple Yunxian Hands→Cloud Ladder Sky Bridge→Sky Realm→Celestial Cave→Purple Dragon Gorge Rafting→Dinosaur Valley→Naked-eye 7D Spacecraft ❶Purple Yunxian Hands Take the Flying Carpet up the mountain to first reach the Purple Yunxian Hands, a pair of giant jade hands holding up a purple plank road between the mountains, just like a piece of purple silk floating among the green mountains and clear waters, so shocking! Kids can play 'Shout Spring' here, the longer they shout into the horn, the higher the fountain sprays~ ❷Cloud Ladder Sky Bridge After passing the Purple Yunxian Hands, walk forward to reach the sky park, where there are two plank roads to choose from. We walked on the 2-meter-wide wooden bridge, and there is also a narrow suspension sky bridge next to it, those who like adventure can give it a try ❸Sky Realm There is a Guinness World Record double-layer glass viewing platform, which looks like a purple and gold flower from the sky. Stepping onto the Sky Realm, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected on the mirror surface, and every casual shot is a masterpiece! ❹Celestial Cave The cave, with a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, is really spectacular with its stalactites. It's a great experience for kids to witness the bizarre natural wonders ❺Purple Dragon Gorge High-altitude Glass Rafting There is a Guinness World Record high-altitude rafting, with a total length of 3.5 kilometers and a rafting time of about 10 minutes. It rushes down from the mountain, and the baby screams loudly throughout the journey, and after coming down, they can't wait to play again! 📝Some tips for taking kids out 👉You can take the 'Flying Carpet' up the mountain and 'Glass Rafting' down the mountain, which saves time and effort, and there's no need to go back the same way 👉The playtime is about 3 hours, prepare food and drinks for the kids 👉There are some steps when climbing the mountain, it is not recommended to bring a baby stroller 👉There is a big temperature difference between the mountain and inside the cave, so you can prepare a thin coat for the kids 👉In the mountains and forests, you can wear mosquito repellent bracelets or spray mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites🦟 👉Carrying an umbrella can provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain, and it can also be used as a prop for taking photos
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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