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Unforgettable Experience! We had the best time ever on our visit. Despite this being our 3rd visit to Dubai, it really felt like the first. The staff is amazing, everyone was super friendly. Hats off to our butler Omar! He really paid utmost attention to our needs and took a keen interest in making sure that our stay was amazing. And we absolutely appreciated that. We emailed hotel in advance requesting for early check in and microwave in the room as we were travelling with a baby, and we were so pleased that they considered our requests. The interior of the hotel is absolutely beautiful and royal and they treat their guests like royalty. Service was the highest in all restaurants. We loved the pool restaurant Sal. Food was amazing. The pavlova was to die for and the staff were amazing. They accommodated our little one, and entertained him. The only complain is we got so used to first class service that we now expect it from everywhere we go, which has left us terribly disappointed. Lol Read less
Posted: 8 Sep, 2021
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I made sure not to miss the Dubai Fountain and the regular shows done each day and night when I was visiting. It’s the number one attraction in the city for a reason. The fountains are spectacular in height, velocity, and thickness, shooting up to choreographed lengths and intensities depending on the music being played. Seeing such feats in video or photos isn’t enough, and when standing only mere feet away from the real-life action, the feelings are exciting and heart-pumping. It’s what makes it worth it. I want to quickly explain the various vantage points from which you can view the fountain shows. There is a nice, albeit unshaded bridge over the lake (connecting the Dubai Mall with the Souk al Bahar) where people can stand to admire the show, or if wanting air conditioning, mall restaurants and patios are good options too (but further away than being on the bridge). To combine the shows with another must-do activity in Dubai, be brave and reach the top floors of the Burj Khalifa on a guided tour, where you can step out onto the observation deck and see the gorgeous lights dancing in the water below. Many options for different styles and budgets, but if you can manage to see two shows (one during the day on the bridge and one at night while atop the Burj), your experience will be boosted a lot. I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to get on with your travel plans! The fountains and their shows cannot be missed! #themepark#zoo#nationalpark#lakes
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