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e essence of spring in Jiangnan is rich and profound

Spring in Hangzhou is like a dream about flowers. The spring rain is as soft as butter, watering the earth, and everything comes back to life. After the rain, the romance of Jiangnan is everywhere. In the following month, Hangzhou will be a city blooming with flowers. As one flower fades, another blooms, competing in beauty and filling the city with romance. The subtle fragrance of plum blossoms, the snowy white cherry blossoms, the colorful tulips, and the Longjing tea with hills as green as ink. Plum Blossoms 📍Xixi Wetland February is the season when plum blossoms are in full bloom. Boating on the water, the fragrance of plum blossoms drifts through the air. Elegant and refreshing, the poetic charm of Jiangnan is beyond words. 📍Hangzhou Botanical Garden Hangzhou's famous 'Lingfeng Plum Blossom Viewing'. As a classic spot for plum blossom appreciation, the layered plum blossoms on the mountain make one feel as if they have stepped into a fairyland. Cherry Blossoms 📍Quyuanfenghe The Fuchu Shuiguan surrounded by cherry blossoms, with pavilions in the water and flowers on the shore, has a unique charm of flowers drifting and water flowing on its own. 📍Yunsong Book House Mr. Jin Yong's home in Hangzhou, where the book house in spring is all about the splendid cherry blossoms. The pavilions, terraces, white walls, and black tiles are the spring colors of Jiangnan. 📍Tea Museum (Shuangfeng Pavilion) Under the pink and white cherry blossom trees is the retro Song-style tea house, where the classical Chinese garden and the pristine cherry blossoms complement each other beautifully. Tulips 📍Taiziwan Park Every spring, Taiziwan becomes an unavoidable spot. Under the cherry blossoms is a sea of tulips like an oil painting, with various species and colors of tulips creating a masterpiece called spring. Tea Mountains Especially around Qingming Festival, Longjing tea is about to enter the picking season. 📍Lingyin, Hupao, Jiuxi, Meiling, Longjing - on these major tea mountains, you can start to see tea pickers dressed in blue, which is also a unique scenery of Hangzhou's sprin
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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