A hotel in Xi'an that took me from dissatisfaction to wow!

I went to Xi'an for the National Day holiday and stayed at the W Hotel in Xi'an~ A hotel that took me from dissatisfaction to wow! 1. Location: It's a bit remote, with no supermarkets nearby... There are also few restaurants... So I had dinner at the hotel's buffet restaurant on the first floor... 2. Restaurant: ★ I personally think both the buffet breakfast and dinner are quite good~ After eating Roujiamo for several days in Xi'an, I found it so delicious hhh... I don't recommend the bar, there's no live music, it feels like a quiet bar for a small drink... (I personally don't like it much) 3. Overall environment: The overall feel is very dreamy, especially when the lights are on at night, truly worthy of the W... a paradise for young people... 4. Room environment: I stayed in a room with a balcony, and it was very comfortable to go out and get some fresh air... Outside is the Qujiang River, with twinkling lights at night, serene and cozy... The wash area is my favorite... High-end and luxurious... Great for taking photos! The coffee and tea cups also have a very Xi'an feel... I really like them~ Because of a little incident, the hotel also sent a welcome fruit and dessert After checking out, they also gave a W-branded silk eye mask, which also features Xi'an characteristics... Overall, I am very satisfied with my stay, the hotel has many details that are rich in Xi'an characteristics, which is better than other W hotels I've stayed in other cities... The staff attitude is also very good... Perfectly reflects the standards a five-star hotel should have... Recommended to friends who are going to Xi'an to play! 😍
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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Near Qujiangchi Site Park|Qujiang Exhibition Area, Xi'an
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