Silk Road Joy World

Silk Road Joy World, as the core project of Xi'an Silk Road Style City, brings together the exquisite cultures of the world's major civilizations in one city by constructing seven themed cultural districts: the Magical China District, the Ganges Elephant Valley District of India, the Central Asian Desert Mystery District, the Middle Eastern Exquisite Persia District, the Russian Aurora Snow Country District, the Greek Gods of War District, and the Italian Glory Rome District. It aims to achieve an 'international cultural integration' and create a cultural 'Anywhere Door' for tourists. Address: Southwest side of the Fengxi Cultural Park Station on Xi'an Metro Line 5 Transportation Strategy: Self-driving: It is recommended that self-driving friends enter from the west gate of the park, where there is a large ground parking lot P, which is convenient for parking Subway: The Silk Road is located between the 'Fengxi Cultural Park' and 'Diaotai' stations on Metro Line 5. Attractions: 1 Space Nebula. 2 Fantasy Overflight. 3 Disco. 4 Roller Coaster and others Ticket price: 168 RMB per person
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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