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Adventure in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Our family came to Lijiang with admiration for the ancient city of Lijiang, and stayed in the Jiatu Inn in Shuhe Ancient Town recommended by friends. The ancient town is simple and beautiful, without hustle and bustle, with stone roads everywhere, suitable for taking pictures, and women taking pictures in ethnic costumes can be seen everywhere. Friends arranged for us to get up at 5:30 in the morning on the second day to watch the sunrise on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Although we had made full preparations beforehand, wearing thick down jackets, snow boots, sunglasses, and hats, we still underestimated the wind speed and temperature on the top of the snow mountain, as well as the altitude sickness. Even with oxygen bottles, we still had altitude sickness. It is recommended that the elderly and children with weaker physical fitness should not go to the top of the snow mountain. It is enough to watch the sunrise on the golden mountain below, especially for people from low-altitude areas. Lijiang has an average altitude of more than 2,400 meters, and there is also altitude sickness in the ancient town of Lijiang. Blue Moon Valley is very beautiful and highly recommended for everyone, suitable for taking pictures. The water is as blue and clear as the water in Jiuzhaigou. Lijiang is very suitable for young people who are healthy and not afraid of altitude sickness.
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

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