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Experience the aesthetics of the East, and stay in the museum art manor at the foot of Lijiang Snow Mountain

Remember the first time I went to Baisha Ancient Town, Yulong Snow Mountain seemed to be in front of my eyes, there were no bustling tourists on the street, more of the simplicity and tranquility, find a characteristic coffee shop can go to the rooftop to look at the snow mountain, bask in the sun and sit quietly for an afternoon, here is also the birthplace of the Naxi people, retaining the unique local ethnic culture worth exploring. After three years, in order to continue to feel this tranquility, this time I stayed in a museum art manor - Wumo·Qinglu, located in a quiet alley. Just listening to the name makes it extraordinary. From the moment you step into the hotel archway, you will be attracted by the oriental art atmosphere. The combination of space colors, the fusion of tradition and modernity, every detail is worth considering. The decoration style adopts Chinese and Western elements, both classical and modern comfort, you can feel the collision and blend of different characteristics. The green stone and red brick full of history and aura, solemn and mysterious elegance, stepping on it, as if traveling through historical time... This quiet glazed palace currently only opens eight view rooms to the public, the stunning top design, everywhere can see the infinite scenery of Yulong Snow Mountain, it is recommended that friends who want to stay must book in advance. The hotel has 76 collections from the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. The butler will invite guests to spend more than half an hour to explain the cultural stories and origins behind the collections in detail after receiving the guests, which is eye-opening! In addition to visiting the collections, you can also experience activities such as ancient stele rubbing. Sitting with friends under the Bodhi tree, you can roast the fireplace and enjoy an oriental afternoon tea in the warm space. Every ornament is very delicate, warming every person who comes to Qinglu. Living here, besides tasting tea, I also had the honor to meet the sister in charge of the shop. At first sight, I felt that her face was similar to that of Buddha, and her speech was enlightening. That short chat made me feel that this place is more like a spiritual habitat for the pursuit of spiritual realm. She seemed to hand us the key to open the heart, unconsciously thinking about some issues about the soul level. I think, that kind of enlightenment often comes after experiencing ups and downs. I hope I can reach the state of unity of heaven and man as soon as possible. This is probably my biggest gain from this trip. It turns out that every encounter is not accidental, no matter who you meet, they are the people who should appear in your life, and they will definitely teach you something at some point. This is really a good place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle, and there is a dedicated sun space for meditation. If there is any problem in life that you can't figure out, try meditation, keep your heart quiet enough, and the universe will have an answer. The way is simple, see the mountain is the mountain, see the mountain is not the mountain, see the mountain is still the mountain! Keep your heart calm and satisfied, let nature nourish the soul, turn your heart inward, keep enough energy, maybe you can have a fulfilling and free life. However, any emotion itself is also a part of life experience, allow everything to happen, accept, practice. Everything is created by the heart, listen to the voice of the heart, not be troubled by the outside world, the heart is in what state, life is in which world, finally find yourself, awaken yourself.
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Posted: Feb 17, 2024
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