Evergrande World MICE Center
It took a one-hour car ride from Century City to get here. The fare was 5 yuan. It was still very cheap. The building that was immediately in front of the car was convinced. The whole mountain village is the Evergrande Hotel. Is it so capricious? The hotel tried to sleep, staying in the Deluxe Garden View King Room, 60 square room, bigger than expected, but also prepared small snacks, fruits, and hearts have become more comfortable. The room is mainly designed with Chinese classical style and is a luxurious five-star hotel. The curtains are electrically controlled by buttons on the bedside. It is so tall and beautiful that you can put a bed on the balcony. Open the balcony and you will see a lake standing in the middle of the hotel. The hotel is only 3 km from Huanglong Creek, a famous scenic spot in Chengdu. It is about 35 km from Chengdu City and about 20 minutes drive from Shuangliu Airport. Wearing a bathrobe in the Chengdu Pengshan Hengda Hotel, you can have a few friends in the afternoon to play a snooker, gym, chess room, multimedia... In fact, I prefer the children's playground, a dreamy place, I am in the bag. , colorful decoration, let people go in, do not want to come out, I am still a child. Go to the SPA in the evening. The large swimming pool is very wide. There are still very few people who are going to exercise here. At 9:00 in the evening, the swimming pool is closed, and the friends who want to go have to grasp the time. It is recommended to swim first and then go to a spa. Evergrande Hotel shoots, drone aerial photography, Evergrande Group: Chengdu Pengshan Hengda Hotel. Looking around, the castle-style grand hotel. Just like me, I can only see, live and live, Chengdu