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Tel Aviv District,Recommendations
Neve Tzedek
Looking south from the seaside in Tel Aviv, at the end of the coast, a beige ancient city penetrates into the deep sea of the Mediterranean Sea, which is Jaffa. Jaffa Old Town has a history of more than 4,000 years, while Tel Aviv is only 100 years old, even the grandson is not. Originally because the price of Jaffa Old Town was too expensive, Jews began to buy in the suburbs and slowly developed into Tel Aviv. It is a bit like Shanghai's Puxi and Pudong. Nowadays, the small special counterattacks, the scale and prosperity far exceed the old city. But history and heritage can not be supported by high-rise buildings. The day that moved from Tel Aviv to the old town of Jaffa was Saturday, coincided with the Sabbath in Israel, and there was no public transportation during the day. I can only use a gett to call a taxi. In just a few kilometers, I spent more than 80 shekels. It hurts. It is really expensive to take a taxi in Israel. I thought it was a place where many Arabs gathered and lived in a strong atmosphere, similar to the old city of Jerusalem. In fact, it is not at all. Nowadays, it is a tourist attraction, an art center, and the vicissitudes of the face are the heart of literature and art. Compared to the heavy sense of sacredness in the Old City of Jerusalem, the sense of history, even older Jaffa Old Town is full of youthful vitality and relaxed feelings. Playing Jerusalem requires you to understand history, religion, and then use your feet to measure, use your eyes to discover, and use your heart to understand. And the old town of Jaffa can make you forget the history, look at the book at the coffee shop by the sea, collect the twelve constellations in the art alley, dig a treasure in the traditional flea market, or go to the beach to hug the Mediterranean. , tanning the skin to several dimensions. Jaffa Old Town, there are more exciting, waiting for you to discover