Now Boarding for Australia in 2023

The Land Down Under is an enchanting destination full of diverse landscapes and wondrous experiences. From great arts and culture in Sydney and Melbourne to the laid-back vibes in Perth, Australia has a little bit of everything. Come discover the welcoming Aussie culture. It'll have you a Waltzing Matilda in no time!
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Sydney's iconic harbor and opera house are internationally recognized symbols of Australia. From Downtown to the far suburbs, there are endless things to experience. Sydney is a destination replete with stunning beaches, award-winning restaurants and bars, and an excellent arts and culture scene.
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Melbourne is a trendsetting metropolis. Come experience the city's modern rhythms as you sip coffee in quaint cafes on hidden lanes and visit galleries full priceless artwork. When you vacation in Melbourne, you soon discover why so many people choose to call the place home.
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Brisbane is the gateway to Queensland, the Gold Coast, and the Great Barrier Reef. The city's ample sunlight and lovely parks make it a great place for an urban picnic. Visitors can enjoy the region's laid-back culture, cosmopolitan charms, and stunning climate.
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Adelaide, oh Adelaide! The jewel of Southern Australia. Bustling main streets, plenty of festivals, and a city designed for living. In Adelaide, everything's nearby and there's plenty of time to enjoy it. Whether it's expansive gardens, innovative galleries, or amazing places for dining and drinks, Adelaide has it all.
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Perth is Australia's capital of cool. The city's decidedly West Coast sensibilities are a nice contrast to places like Sydney and Melbourne. Whether it's craft beer you're after or just raw natural beauty, Perth is one fine place to just get away for a while.
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No. 6


Want to glimpse some of Australia's greatest natural wonders? Fancy exploring the Great Barrier Reef or learning about Aboriginal culture? Cairns is your ticket to all this and more in Far North Queensland. Beloved by adventurers of all stripes, come discover what everyone is raving about.
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No. 7


The Australian Capital Territory may not seem like a vacation destination, but tiny Canberra punches far above its weight. The city's well-known art museums and galleries are just the beginning. As one of the world's most livable cities, Canberra offers visitors plenty of the good things in life.
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Surf's up! The Gold Coast is Miami Beach and Hawaii's North Shore all rolled into one. With a fabulous nightlife, amazing resort hotels, and killer surf breaks, the Gold Coast is a favored Australian holiday destination!
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No. 9


Darwin is Australia's connection to Southeast Asia. Here you'll find all the exotic delights of a city that straddles cultural divides. Darwin's tropical climate and beautiful waters make it a fantastic destination for anglers and boaters. If you're looking for a place that feels a little less Australian, Darwin is where to go.
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No. 10


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and a launching pad into the region's unspoiled natural wilderness areas. Be sure to make some time for hiking or backpacking. You'll also want to sample Hobart's excellent food culture. This is one city with a big heart!
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