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Top 10 Family-Friendly Attractions in Tokyo - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Tokyo Disneyland

    7,818 Reviews
    11.3km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "The facilities are good, there are many types of games  choose . I feel that Disneyland games are more suitable for children , and Disney Ocean is more suitable for adults . There are many people in line, and they have to line for more than an hour ."
    Highlights: Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney amusement theme park built outside the United States. Opened in 1983, it has since been incorporated into the larger and expanded Tokyo Disney Resort, which includes an additional theme park called Tokyo DisneySea, and several hotels. Typical for Disney parks, there are seven “themed” areas containing various rides and entertainment offerings. Recently the park has sought in incorporate distinctly Japanese characteristics into classic Disney stories. Given its popularity, Tokyo Disneyland is a fun and exciting destination for people of all ages.
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  • No.2

    Sanrio Puroland(Tokyo)

    829 Reviews
    30.8km from downtown
    "The city to the city of Duomo for more than an hour, is a cartoon character that children like. The summer vacation weather is hot and playing indoors. It feels very good. I also buy food to play and watch. I am satisfied."
    Highlights: Sanrio Puroland, also known as Hello Kitty Land, is an indoor amusement park based on Sanrio cartoon stars. Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, and Jewelpet are everywhere to be found. Fantasy-like, inviting, and full of creativity, it is a popular attraction for both children and adults. This theme park gives visitors the chance to meet their favorite stars and, because it is set indoors, you can enjoy the parades and performances without needing to worry about the weather or temperature outside.
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  • No.3

    Tokyo DisneySea

    2,376 Reviews
    11.9km from downtown
    "Tokyo Disneyland's marine environment is beautiful, the amusement facilities have surprises, so novel, the performance is wonderful, the price of admission tickets and the restaurant and gift shop in the park is very cheap, it is worth entering again."
    Highlights: Tokyo DisneySea is a theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort. First opened in 2001, the entire park sports a nautical theme and has seven main areas or “ports of call.” Each area features a number of rides, attractions, and entertainment venues based on characters, stories, and movies from the Disney collection. As part of the Tokyo Disney Resort, visitors can purchase tickets for both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. With lots to do and a true plethora of entertainment options, you will find yourself wanting to return again and again.
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  • No.4

    The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

    394 Reviews
    5.9km from downtown
    "Opened on July 9, 2001. The curator is the astronaut Maori Wei. Established by the independent administrative legal person Science and Technology Revitalization Agency (Japanese: Science and Technology Revitalization Agency). The latest scientific and technological introduction to the general public to introduce the achievements of scientific and technological researchers to give back to the general society's feelings and opinions on science and technology, etc."
    Highlights: Miraikan is Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Located in Tokyo’s Odaiba District, it is an eye-opening facility that provides people with a chance to enjoy hands-on contact with science and technology. Miraikan's colorful line-up of offerings includes experienced based classes and talks, in addition to museum-style exhibits. Miraikan aims to be a place for specialists and the general public to gather and engage in dialogue on issues such as climate change, a decline in biodiversity, food issues, natural disasters, and infectious diseases. The museum building is lauded for its architectural design and the overall experience offers something for everyone.
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  • No.5

    Ueno Zoo

    363 Reviews
    5.1km from downtown
    "went for Panda ShinShin and RiRi 🤭 the admission only costs 600 yen and there are lots of animals inside!"
    Highlights: Ueno Zoo, located in Tokyo’s Taito ward, is Japan's oldest zoo. First opened in 1882, it is home to a variety of animals including giant pandas, elephants, lions, and polar bears. The giant pandas are particularly popular attractions with visitors. In addition, there is also a reptile house, nocturnal house, an aquarium, as well as themed areas for alpacas, ostriches, and so on. Located amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Tokyo, Ueno Zoo not only provides recreation, but also plays an essential role in wildlife conservation and public education.
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  • No.6


    374 Reviews
    4.8km from downtown
    Anonymous User
    "Children like parents feel that it is not too big. The entrance is a bit difficult to find. The overall dining is very satisfactory. The photos can be downloaded in high-definition and it is great. But if you can't go back to the seventh floor from the seventh floor to the sixth floor, you have to pay attention."
    Highlights: Located on Tokyo’s Odaiba Island, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is an indoor theme park filled with an enormous amount of Lego bricks. Suitable for all ages, there are several different themed areas in the Discovery Center. These include Miniland, Kingdom Quest, and Duplo Village. Visitors can experience the unique charm of each area and the joy of creating with Lego. The Discovery Center is a parent-child park meaning adults can only enter when accompanying a child. Unleash your creative spirit by visiting the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.
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  • No.7

    Sunshine Aquarium

    97 Reviews
    7.6km from downtown
    Kiki 貓
    "sunshine city The aquarium on the top floor, although the pavilion is not large, it is divided into indoor and outdoor animal pavilions. Outdoors are penguins, seals, waterways and pond geese; indoors include a variety of fish, jellyfish, frogs, lizards, starfish, seahorses and unique marine life. There are a variety of marine life in Hong Kong has not seen, it is very suitable for a large and detailed look, to Ikebukuro Sun City shopping, you can also have multiple choices."
    Highlights: The Sun Aquarium is in the sunshinecity, which is very convenient. It is based on the design concept of "Oasis in the Sky". In the museum, you can enjoy the ecology of a variety of marine life, such as deep-sea fish, coral reefs, subtropical fish, etc., and has entertainment and leisure functions. In the Sunshine Reef Tank, you can not only watch a variety of fish, but also see the very popular underwater performance in the museum. What can't be missed is the performance of the sea lions. On the open stage, the sea lions and the animal trainers cooperate seamlessly. Every skill such as hooping, header, greeting, and somersaults can make you feast for the eyes.
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  • No.8

    Shinagawa Aquarium

    34 Reviews
    9.5km from downtown
    "Not only my kid loved this place but also we were amazed here. we were mesmerize by the jellyfish and also the sea creature. we also loved the lightning and the illuminating effect. "
    Highlights: Popular local aquarium with tunnel tanks, shark exhibit and dolphin and sea lion shows, plus a restaurant.
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  • No.9

    Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

    52 Reviews
    5.5km from downtown
    "Aqua Park Shinagawa 🐬 This is really easy to see dolphin shows and wonderful ‼️ There is also a movie theater near the aquarium near Shinagawa Station. First of all, there is an attraction when you enter! The merry-go-round and pirate ship dolphin show are circular, so it's easy to see from anywhere! The front seats need water. We also sell kappa! And there are shops such as popcorn to wait for the dolphin show 🍿 Naked and collaboration mapping and dolphin show are the best, so I recommend it!"
    Highlights: Maxell Shinagawa Prince Hotel Aquarium is a large aquarium. Walking in the 20-meter-long arched fully transparent glass corridor is like walking into the underwater world, where red sharks, sea turtles and other marine creatures swim freely above and around your head. In the inland waters of this aquarium, you can see the world's only captive pair of Queensland sawfish and a group of Javan bullnose rays. In addition to appreciating marine animals, the animal performances here are also very exciting. The performances of dolphins and sea lions are very exciting and always bring laughter.
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  • No.10

    Tokyo Joypolis

    109 Reviews
    4.8km from downtown
    "Very suitable for young people over 10 years old, the game is exciting, the queue time is acceptable, generally within half an hour. There are also many dolls in the venue, and there will be a coupon for the dolls to buy one and get one coupon when entering the venue."
    Highlights: As a large-scale indoor electric playground, in addition to all kinds of electric toys, its large-scale amusement facilities are player-level Pulo video games known for their thrills. There are not only large-scale amusement facilities that can only be seen in outdoor amusement parks, such as pirate ships, free fall, roller coasters and other amusement facilities. There are also newly developed games such as Time and Space Fall, Horror Journey, etc., which can meet the needs of fresh and exciting. It is recommended to purchase a one-day unlimited coupon for repeated entry and exit.
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  • No.11

    Sumida Aquarium

    93 Reviews
    5.9km from downtown
    "It is a aquarium that is not very big, but it is very beautiful if anyone is a water wooden and a sea fish tank. will be very excited"
    Highlights: The Sumida Aquarium is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Tokyo Skytree. This urban aquarium has more than 10,000 species of marine life. The museum reproduces the "Tokyo Great Water Tank" in the Ogasawara Sea, a World Heritage Site, and an open indoor water tank. You can see penguins and fur seals, the aquarium also has a jellyfish tank and a research laboratory. The Cradle of Life takes the sea of the "Tokyo Islands" as its theme, and reproduces the "Tokyo Grand Tank". Watching whale sharks and various fish swimming in the water, it seems that the marine world of the Ogasawara Islands is in front of you. Playing with Water and Life This is the largest open indoor water tank in Japan, with a water volume of about 350 tons. There are penguins and fur seals living in a large water tank, and you can observe them up close. The exhibition space is connected through two floors, shortening the distance between tourists and animals, and using LED lighting, you can not only watch them move during the day, but also observe penguins sleeping at night. Aquarium Restaurant There is a penguin cafe in the aquarium, providing snacks, desserts, soft drinks, and a place for tourists to rest.
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  • No.12

    Asakusa Hanayashiki

    58 Reviews
    5.6km from downtown
    "It is an old amusement park in Asakusa. It's not a very large amusement park, so it's not a theme park that you can enjoy all day long. The wooden roller coaster had a different thrill than the usual roller coaster. Since it is Asakusa, you can eat and walk around. It is recommended to go as a set with sightseeing in Asakusa!"
    Highlights: The Asakusa Hanayashiki near Sensoji Temple opened in 1853 and is a historic amusement park in Tokyo. "Hanayashiki", as the name suggests, is a place where flowers bloom. Although the area is not large, it has a unique interest. Asakusa's flower や し き (flower house) is a public playground, equivalent to a small community children's amusement park, merry-go-round, swan cruise, air pirate ship, viewing car, small tram, surprise house, the highest point of 45 meters Bee Tower, Japan's oldest surviving Showa roller coaster, they are all painted in bright and warm colors.
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  • No.13

    United Cinemas Toshimaen

    15 Reviews
    13.3km from downtown
    "It is an in-city theme park with rides and some natural landscapes. Can play with animals, insect pavilions and lots of flowers. Park is not big but enough for kids."
    Highlights: It has what is known as the largest waterslide in the world. The waterslide here has many different types of pools and 31 slides with different trajectories, which can make you feel the rapid feeling of falling from a height to the bottom. The pirate ship, roller coaster, crazy rock and other rides in the park will bring visitors a thrilling feeling. In addition, there are Italian restaurants and some fast-food restaurants in the park. Visitors can taste good food after playing.
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  • No.14

    Korakuen Hall

    38 Reviews
    3.9km from downtown
    "The floods of Showa in 1934 and the air strikes of Okayama in World War II in 20 years (1945) caused great losses to Okayama Houyuan. Later, it was repaired according to the map of Ikeda's family. Showa 27 years (1952) was designated a special attraction. It covers an area of 133,000 square meters and has a unique design that can surround the pond and woodland to enjoy different scenery. This is a pure Japanese-style garden, but gives the impression of a Western style. It is probably because there are more lawns and account for one-fifth of the area in the garden. Because it is located on a sandbar, the humidity is low, and the moss is not easy to grow, and instead it is the turf that grows on the wild mountain. The park is also equipped with a beautiful curved river, pond and waterfall, all of which are introduced by Asahikawa. It is said that because the sandbar is higher than the water surface of Asahikawa, it is just using the siphon principle to attract water. It can be seen that the construction technology of the park at that time has reached a surprising point. Located on the southwest side of the garden, there is a boulder called "Dali Stone". Look carefully, there are several cuts. The rare stone was cut into 29 pieces before being shipped from the island of Seto Inland Sea, and then connected as it was. The highlight of the garden is the rockery "Ideal Mountain" in the center of the garden. Up the mountain, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery centered on the pool of Zeno."
    Highlights: It is a very suitable place for the whole family to play together. Many facilities in the amusement park are suitable for tourists of different ages. If you have children around you, it is recommended to take them with you.
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