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Top 8 Memorable Performances in Tokyo - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Kabuki-za Theatre

    96 Reviews
    317m from downtown
    "Ginza, a theater to see Kabuki performances, has a century-old history, close to the East Ginza Station, the traffic is very convenient. Of course, it’s just personal thin-sight. There is no special love. It is not recommended for tourists to see this. The tourists do not have enough Japanese culture to understand and appreciate. It is really unnecessary to spend money. There are many public videos on the Internet... If you visit, you should look at the building. It is very distinctive. Obscuriously see many of the shadows of famous Chinese and Japanese buildings, tile roofs, mountain closures, Japanese railings, castle color matching, etc."
    Highlights: Kabukiza is a special Kabuki theater located in Ginza, Tokyo. It opened in 1889. After several burns, revivals and reconstructions, the current building was completed in 1951 and is now a national tangible cultural heritage of Japan. For more than 100 years, Kabuki has been continuously performed here, making it a more representative Kabuki theater.
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  • No.2

    Robot restaurant

    84 Reviews
    6.2km from downtown
    Zz 珍珍Zz
    "The taste is superb, and it makes people feel very appetizing at first glance, but the weight is not large and belongs to a more delicate type. The win is also very fresh, the taste is salty and moderate, and the fire is just right. The serving speed is very fast. The dining environment needs to be improved, but the price is very affordable, and it will come once every few days. The taste is superb, and it makes people feel very appetizing at first glance, but the weight is not large, which belongs to the more exquisite type. The dishes are also very fresh, the taste is salty and moderate, and the fire is just right. The serving speed is very fast. The dining environment needs to be improved, but the price is very affordable, and it will come once a while."
    Highlights: The restaurant is located in the lively Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, with convenient transportation and a good experience of Japanese nightlife. So far, this is the only one in the world. The content of the performance is updated from time to time. It brings a robot song and dance show that combines technology and Japanese traditional elements, which is a shocking experience in terms of visual and auditory.
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  • No.3

    Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre

    30 Reviews
    553m from downtown
    "Tokyo Baodi Theater is definitely for people with Baodi feelings. It must be a long way to pilgrimage. If you don’t have a ticket, you can’t enter the theater to see the hall. The store’s various fans are queuing to buy their own love bean souvenirs."
    Highlights: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is located in Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It is the exclusive stage theater of the famous Takarazuka Opera Troupe. The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater officially opened in 1934, and was dismantled in 1997 due to reconstruction. The current Tokyo Takarazuka Theater was completed on January 1, 2001. Every year, several Takarazuka Opera Troupe's plays are staged here in succession, and there are many Takarazuka fans waiting at the entrance of the theater. The only way to go to work for idols has become a landscape.
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  • No.4

    Sumo Museum

    68 Reviews
    3.8km from downtown
    "Coming to Tokyo, having to go to the sumo wrestling competition, there is a huge amphitheater inside, if you want to spend more time here he can learn a lot, it is a great experience, can book tickets online in advance."
  • No.5

    Imperial Theatre

    36 Reviews
    702m from downtown
    "Tokyo Imperial Theatre, prime location, very close to the Imperial Palace, the theater has many repertoires, but I don’t understand, hahaha, I don’t understand Japanese, I can only see the picture for self-understanding, and there is a small idol series, of course there are also Broadway repertoires, I feel good"
    Highlights: An all-Western-style theater built in Japan in 1911, it is currently one of the best theaters in Japan for large-scale performances such as stage plays, musicals, etc. There are also endless masterpieces born here. The early Imperial Theater was in the style of the Renaissance. As a symbol of the beginning of Japan's golden consumption era, it mainly staged operas and Shakespeare plays. The current Imperial Theater was redesigned and rebuilt by architect Jirou Taniguchi in 1966. It is still dreamy in its simplicity. The century-old Imperial Theater is still one of the representative performance stages in Japan today. In 1924, the famous Peking Opera star Mei Lanfang was invited to perform in 15 consecutive performances; and now the Empire Theater is the fixed stage of SHOCK where Johnny's Domoto Koichi acts and serves as the chairperson every year, Takizawa Hideaki's "Takizawa Revolution" and "Takizawa Revolution". Johnny's fixed the stage of the musical DreamBoy, which is regarded by many fans as one of the famous places of worship in Tokyo. In addition, various repertoires have been staged in succession, such as the world-famous "Miss Saigon", and "The Royal Armament" (generally translated as "The Nile Daughter" in Chinese) adapted from the comics of Longevity Girls. The attendance rate is very high, and the actors have become Proud of the "seatmaster" of the imperial drama (equivalent to the starring role of this drama, who needs to bear the box office, popularity and other factors of the starring drama).
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  • No.6

    Tokyo Dome City Attractions

    138 Reviews
    4km from downtown
    "If you want to see a concert in the Tokyo Dome, personally think you must go in and see one, because the venue is super big and spectacular! It will definitely be unforgettable."
  • No.7

    Nissay Theatre

    12 Reviews
    636m from downtown
    "The Nissan Theater is in Hibigu, right next to Baodi. It is said that it should be a good drama to perform here. Going to see the stage drama is still the end of last year. It happens to be Christmas Day. The hall is very festive."
    Highlights: Located in Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward, it was transformed from a Tokyu Group movie theater. It was completed in 1963 and has about 1,300 seats.
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  • No.8

    Zepp Tokyo

    5 Reviews
    5.3km from downtown
    "Unlike the big venue in Zapp Tokyo, it's a live house, so the capacity is less than 2,000, so I feel very close and I like the concert here. Depending on the number number, if you go to the later direction, you will not be able to concentrate on watching it, such as being pushed, so it will be a little far away, but I always watch it firmly on the 2nd floor. I am satisfied because I can see the whole well on the 2nd floor. There are about 200 seats on the 2nd floor, so if you lose the lottery, you can watch it from the stand on the 2nd floor."
    Highlights: Zepp is a venue brand that has livehouses in Japan and Southeast Asia. It is operated by Sony Group in Japan. There are currently 6 zepp venues in Japan. Among them, ZeppTokyo was built in 1999 and is located in the seaside area of Tokyo. It has more than 3,000 seats and will hold band performances, idol meetings, etc. There are opportunities to see various performances.
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