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Top 7 Local History in Xi'an - 2023

Updated May 2023
  • No.1

    Huaqing Pool

    15,996 Reviews
    27.1km from downtown
    "It's all pits. When I was there, I was entangled for several days. I still didn't enter. It was the place where Yang Guifei Li Longji mixed up. Going in is a few pits. But the place where the terracotta warriors and horses go to the car is like a transit station. In order to punch in, I went in. You have to consider it yourself."
    Highlights: The Huaqing Palace on the outskirts of Xi'an has been a hot spring bathing resort since ancient times and was also where the Xi'an Incident took place. During Emperor Xuanzong's reign in Tang Dynasty, it was a bathing place for the royal family and court ministers. Now, you can visit the royal pools of Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, named Lotus Pool and Haitang Pool respectively. In 1936, the Xi'an Incident took place and changed China's destiny. In the southern part of the scenic spot, the “five halls” of Chiang Kai-shek’s old residential site were preserved intact, and the bullet marks of the fierce battle are still left on the walls.
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  • No.2

    Tang Dynasty Furong Garden

    19,951 Reviews
    5.8km from downtown
    "Datang Furong Garden is very large in size, and I feel that there is no big scene imagined after I have been there. The architectural style does not have the historical precipitation of Beijing Summer Palace, nor is it entertaining in Hengdian. It's just that the sparse men and women wearing Hanfu are taking pictures, and the photo effect is much stronger than the real attractions. I chose to visit during the day and feel the ordinary attractions. The price is 120 yuan. It is far less than the free lively and literary performances of Datang Everbright City at night."
    Highlights: The Tang Dynasty Furong Garden located on the southeast side of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, was built on the site of the original Furong Garden in the Tang Dynasty. With Furong Lake as the geographical center, Ziyun Tower, Luyu Tea House, Fengming Nineteenth Theatre and many other attractions surround the lake. This place showcases large-scale replicas of Tang-era buildings. Here, you can enjoy the magnificence of Tang buildings, appreciate the beautifully-lit scenery, and watch musicals in the style of the Tang Dynasty.
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  • No.3

    Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

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    4.8km from downtown
    Highlights: The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an is located in Daci'en Temple in the south of the city. The tower is one of Xi'an's landmarks. Daci'en Temple was once a magnificent royal temple in Chang’an City during the Tang Dynasty. When Emperor Taizong was born, Prince Li Zhi built the temple in memory of his mother Empress Wen De. Monk Xuanzang, a famous figure in Chinese history, served as the first abbot of the Buddhist monastery. Monk Xuanzang translated Buddhist scriptures at the Daci'en Temple for 11 years and oversaw the construction of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.
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  • No.4

    Qujiangchi Site Park

    310 Reviews
    7.3km from downtown
    "It is the Royal Royal Garden of the Tang Dynasty. Now there are many sculptures that imitate the ancient Tang Dynasty and express the life of the Tang Dynasty. It integrates ecological reconstruction, sightseeing and leisure, business exhibition and other functions as a comprehensive ruin park. To the north, it is connected to Datang Furong Garden, and to the site of Qin II Mausoleum. It covers an area of 1,500 mu. Citizens like to come here for walks and boating along the Qujiang pool. You can also see Shaanxi handicrafts such as paper cutting, mud-plastics, and performances of Qin cavity and shadow shadow dramas in the park."
    Highlights: The Ruins Park is across the street from the south gate of Tang Furong Garden, which was the Royal Garden in the Tang Dynasty. Nowadays, many buildings imitating Tang Dynasty have been built here, as well as sculptures expressing life in the Tang Dynasty. Citizens like to come here for walks and boating along the pool. There are also many Shaanxi handicrafts such as shadow puppets and paper-cuts in the park. In the Tang Dynasty, Qujiang Pond was full of undulating towers and many palaces. Whenever the new scholars reached the top, they would take advantage of the fun here, put the wine glasses on the plate, and put the plate in the water and float with the current. Hold a cup and drink freely, this is the famous "Qujiang Flowing Drink". The park has north, east and west gates. Generally, tourists will enter the park from the north gate, which is close to the Datang Furong Garden. There are many sculptures representing the social life of the Tang Dynasty in the garden, such as: poets lying drunk on the floor, ancients bathing by the pool, officials returning to the capital after thousands of miles. There are cruise boats in the park. If you are interested, you can row a boat yourself and swim in the pond. In summer, the blossoming lotus flowers in the pond will give people the illusion of being in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. In the park, you can also see nine two-storey Tang-style buildings, named after words and cards, such as: Feng Rusong, Huanxisha, etc. Here tourists have the opportunity to see the performances of Qin Opera and shadow puppetry. One of them is a small museum, displaying Shaanxi handicrafts such as Chang'an shadow puppets, Fengxiang clay sculptures, Heyang marionette puppets, Huaxian shadow puppets, Ansai paper-cuts, and Huxian peasant paintings. In the park, there is also a high-altitude zipline project (additional charge) that young people like.
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  • No.5

    Tang West Market Museum

    259 Reviews
    3.8km from downtown
    "There are very few people in the museum, the shopping is very comfortable, the exhibits are also very interesting, several restore models of Datang West City are immersive, very grounded, and long knowledge, quite interesting, it is not big, not enough to go shopping"
    Highlights: The museum was built on the site of the "West Market" in Chang'an City, Tang Dynasty. West Market was the international market and entertainment center at that time. Through the glass floor in the hall on the first floor of the museum, you can see the foundations, roads, and gutters of the West Market. The museum also has collections of the artifacts in Tang Dynasty. Not only can we see the style of the Tang Dynasty, but we can better appreciate the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.
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  • No.6

    Qinglong Temple

    565 Reviews
    4.9km from downtown
    "Xi'an Qinglong Temple: Located in the original tourist scenic spot of Qinglong Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, it is one of the main landscapes of the scenic spot. Qinglong Temple was first built in the Sui Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty, but the monasteries built in the Sui and Tang Dynasty were destroyed in the Ming Dynasty. The current Qinglong Temple is newly built, mainly including Shanmen, Puxian Temple, Huiguo Konghai Memorial Hall, China-Japan Friendship and Peace Memorial Bell Tower."
    Highlights: Qinglong Temple is located in the southeast of Xi'an City, There is the Kukai Monument, Huiguo and Kukai memorial hall, and Qinglong Temple garden. The three courtyards are scattered and orderly, simple and elegant. The garden is planted with pine, bamboo, plum, willow and Chinese rose. In addition, Qinglong Temple displays cultural relics in its showroom. Nowadays, it is a good place for public outings, spring riding. Especially in the spring of the year, many couples have come here to shoot wedding scenes under the cherry blossom trees. In addition, flowers, such as peony and tulip, are on display in the spring.
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  • No.7

    Tangda Ci'ensi Relic Site Park (South Gate)

    186 Reviews
    5km from downtown
    "Dacien Temple is the largest temple in the Tang Dynasty. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times after thousands of years of war. The current ruins park is based on the heritage culture, green space, rockery, waterfall, cherry blossoms, sculptures. Very beautiful."
    Highlights: Tang Daci'en Temple Ruins Park is located on the northeast side of the South Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, on the site of the Tang Dynasty Daci'en Temple, close to the current Daci'en Temple. This is a Buddhist culture-themed garden, and the park ubiquitously conveys the atmosphere of "Zen enlightenment", a unique religious experience in China, to citizens. The statues, sculptures, and vegetation in the entire park all reflect the realm of Zen, with a delicate and elegant style, as well as a profound and lofty cultural atmosphere. The combination of the park's seclusion culture and Buddhist culture makes the whole garden quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and has a unique atmosphere of tranquility. In the park, there are scenic spots such as Gaozong’s Temple, Xuanzang’s Pagoda, Jianzhen Dongdu, Big Buddha Statue, and Peony Garden.
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What are some Local History in Xi'an?
Some Local History in Xi'an include:Huaqing Pool|Tang Dynasty Furong Garden|Giant Wild Goose Pagoda|Qujiangchi Site Park|Tang West Market Museum
What are some highly-rated Local History in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Local History in Xi'an include:Huaqing Pool:4.5|Tang Dynasty Furong Garden:4.4|Qujiangchi Site Park:4.7|Tang West Market Museum:4.5|Qinglong Temple:4.6
At what locations in Xi'an can Local History in Xi'an be found?
The Local History in Xi'an are mainly located in:Huaqing Pool:Xi'an|Tang Dynasty Furong Garden:Xi'an|Giant Wild Goose Pagoda:Xi'an|Qujiangchi Site Park:Xi'an|Tang West Market Museum:Xi'an