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Top 9 Urban Attractions in Xi'an - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City

    2,107 Reviews
    5.2km from downtown
    "The second time I came to Datang Everbright City, except for the crowd, everything was fine. It is recommended to come. The night view is beautiful. There is no need to come during the day. There is Joy City next to the meal. You can see the fountain and walk along the flow of people."
    Highlights: Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City is located between the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise, full of Tang stylistic elements. Ever-bright City's Central Axis View Avenue is a 1,500-meter central and sculptured pedestrian street that runs from the north and south. It is surrounded by nine groups of themed groups such as the emperor, historical figures, heroic stories, and classic works of art, offering three-dimensional representations of the Tang Dynasty's supremacy in the fields of religion, art, science and technology and to highlight the great country.
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  • No.2

    Muslim Quarter

    10,683 Reviews
    331m from downtown
    "Xi'an Huimin Street has a lot of delicious food, and the crystal cakes here are very good. Xi'an's crystal cakes are very famous and belong to Xi'an traditional pastries. The previous crystal cakes have a lot of rock sugar, at least more than the current one. The crystal clear stuffing is like crystal, and the taste is fragrant and sweet. It is very delicious."
    Highlights: Huimin Street is an old Muslim neighborhood with a history dating back centuries ago. It has a distinct Muslim culture and a vibrant food culture, making it a paradise for food lovers. Huimin Street is not just a single street. It is a collective name for the whole Muslim District. It consists of Beiyuan Gate, North Guangji Street, Xiyangshi and Dapiyuan Street. It is also known as “Muslim Quarter” and “Fang Shang”. The district also houses a number of old local restaurants: Jia San Guan Soup Buns and Lao Mi Jia Soaked Bread etc. You can also eat almost all of Xi’an delicacies here: various kebabs, bread and mutton soup, soup buns, spicy goat trotters, and cold skin noodles etc.
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  • No.3

    Yongxing Lane

    560 Reviews
    2.2km from downtown
    "20230407 Night: 1. "Yongxingfang" is one of the most prosperous online celebrity check-in night markets in Xi'an City. In ancient times, it was one of the 108 squares in Tang Chang'an City, and it was the mansion of the famous Chenchen and Prime Minister Wei Zheng in the early Tang Dynasty. The night market is a newly built antique building complex in 2007, the overall layout is square, three horizontal and six vertical, integrating dining, non-legacy culture and entertainment, brightly lit, lively, is a good place for locals to walk their children, and is also a photo resort in Hanfu. Entering the park is free. ① Address: No. 15 Dongle Lane, Xincheng District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. ② Transportation: Direct bus access, easy to stop by car. ③ peak season: no. ④ Duration: 2 hours. 2. The main archway on the south side is the iconic welcoming landscape of the scenic spot, and the most people queue to take pictures. The creative sculpture "Nayutai" on the right hand side of the archway (East) is a photo frame. The two ancient bronze sculptures have invited tourists to sit on the desk "Nayu". The desk is a voice sensing area. It is speculated that speaking on the desk can give opinions and suggestions to the scenic spot. On the left hand side (west) is the "Shaanxi Eight Monsters" screen (8 red screens show the unique customs of Shaanxi area, that is, a strange "bench does not sit up", two strange "half-side cover of the house", three strange "girls do not go outside", four strange "papa head wearing", five strange "noodles like pants belt", six strange "pot helmet like pot lid", Seven strange "oil spicy dishes", eight strange "Qin Qiang does not sing and roar". There is a voice introduction on the screen, but the sound is small and inaudible) and a small light fountain. The nearby enlarged bowl noodles, big wontons "eat full" and other sculptures are very exciting, it is a photo point. 3. After entering the square along the archway, it is a small square "Jingjian Square". The central center of the square is a bronze mirror, to commemorate Wei Zheng who is reckless with life and death and bluntly persuaded. In the "Old Tang Book • Wei Zheng Chuan", Tang Taizong's evaluation of Wei Zheng who just died "People mirror, you can gain and lose, Wei Zheng did not, The photo frame of the costume next to the bronze mirror is very popular and is a high-popular photo spot. The northernmost is the "Yongxingfang Building", which is the largest hotel in Yongxingfang, and it is also the main building. The wine altar hill and paper-cut clothing photo frame in front of the building are all high-value photo spots. The street where it is located is the first east-west street from south to north: ① the first street, the 1:1 ratio of donkeys, the angry imitation ancient wells, etc. are all photo spots that make people stop. The easternmost is a bowl of wine, you can buy a small bowl of wine you want to pray for, drink after you fall, you can ask for wealth, luck, peace, love, etc. After you fall, you can go to the wishing wall to make a wish. The blessing red card is a photo spot for many petty bourgeoisie. With the increase of blessing cards, The length of the wishing wall is getting longer and longer, forming a street called "Fu Street". Next to the small mountain-like falling bowl fragments, there is a smoky pool, the ancient wall on the pool is covered with glass, presumably an old building. ② The second east-west street, there are brushes (can eat brushes, very creative), white fire stone soup (Shaanxi non-legacy dishes, if it is not too late, I really want to taste it), northern Shaanxi Zichang pancakes (moving the big dumplings outdoors as a seat is very creative). ③ The third east-west street is also mainly food, but not small stalls but large shops, the food is more exquisite and special... The number of words is over-limited, continue in the last picture"
    Highlights: Yongxing Lane is another destination for snacks in Xi'an City other than Huimin Street. It was one of the 108 lanes of Chang'an City in the Tang Dynasty. Nowadays, it is a place filled with local food shops in Xi'an. Many tourists would come here to enjoy local cuisine, including meat sandwiches and rice husks.
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  • No.4

    Fenxiang Alley

    100 Reviews
    510m from downtown
    "Xi'an Fanxiang is also famous. The legend here is a place for rouge powder, so it is called Famous Fanxiang, and it is also said to be a food street, etc. There are still some old shops here, and it is also very close to the clock tower. You can stroll around."
    Highlights: Fanxiang is located in Beilin District, Xi'an City, with the South Courtyard Gate in the west, South Street in the east, and Defu Lane, a bar street in Xi'an, in the south. Fan Lane is only 329 meters long, but it becomes lively because it is connected to several famous streets in Xi'an. There are different opinions about the origin of Fanxiang. One is that it was originally a street that sold free of charge, another said that it used to be a place to sell rouge gouache, and another said that this street was originally the street where the emperor chose his concubine. There are many shops on both sides of Fanxiang, with many fashionable shops and various delicious snacks, attracting many girls to shop here. Therefore, many people say that there are many beautiful girls in Fanxiang, and if you walk around here, you can always see beautiful girls walking through it. In addition, there is also an ancient bookstore in Xi'an on this street. The words on the plaque are inscribed by Mr. Lu Xun. Here, you can find many newly printed ancient books, Chinese and foreign history, philosophy, classical literature, cultural relics and archaeology, copybooks, picture albums and other books.
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  • No.5

    Luomashi Walking Street

    99 Reviews
    331m from downtown
    "There are many characteristic streets in Xi'an, which makes this pedestrian street more ordinary, but it is still very good to come here to visit, especially at night, after the lights are turned on, it will be more beautiful. I hope that after the upgrade and transformation, it will be presented to everyone in a better future."
    Highlights: The pedestrian street is not very long, and it takes about 10 minutes to walk. There are many shops on both sides of the pedestrian street, and the prices are very close to the people. One side is a department store, and the other side is daily clothing and catering. Among them, Xingzhengyuan Square has an area with street stalls, and there is a hotel at the end of the pedestrian street.
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  • No.6

    Silufengqing Street

    35 Reviews
    4.2km from downtown
    "Products: Mainly Russian imports! The famous Russian dolls are all kinds of! There are also daily necessities such as perfume, soap, shampoo! Food has a variety of biscuits, Russian Grand Leba bread, and chocolate. Environment: This store is relatively large and longer. In the Global Harbor, there are more goods than the West City. West City focuses on tourism display. The waiters are working hard to put Chinese labels. However, there are also some domestic products, generally directly marked in Chinese, the origin is mainly Heilongjiang, etc."
    Highlights: Silk Road Style Street is located in Datang West Market, Xi'an. It is an international experiential business travel and cultural block based on the ruins of the West Market of Sui and Tang Dynasties, the theme of the Silk Road culture, the prosperous Tang Dynasty as the form, and the antique buildings as the carrier. In the Fengqing Street, there are all kinds of customs, historical features and cultural landscapes along the Silk Road.
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  • No.7

    Beiyuanmen Pedestrian Street

    68 Reviews
    425m from downtown
    "Beiyuanmen Style Street, for the Qing Dynasty Guanshu District, because Shaanxi patrolman Anmen is in the north of the Drum Tower, so it is called the Beiyuan. The block not only gathers historical and cultural buildings such as Gaojia Courtyard, Grand Mosque, but also intangible cultural heritage such as shadow puppets, Huayin Laocai, food, humanities, everything."
  • No.8

    Ouzhoufengqing Street

    17 Reviews
    351m from downtown
    Highlights: European Style Street is a characteristic block located at the south end of East Street in Beilin District, Xingzhengyuan Square and the negative second floor of Minsheng Department Store. The design and structure of the building are full of European style.
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  • No.9

    Shuncheng Alley

    9 Reviews
    962m from downtown
    "Shuncheng Lane is located in the south gate of Xi'an Ancient City. It is part of the cultural district of the academy gate. The streets are all quaint old-fashioned buildings. There are many shops selling cultural products, as well as bars and restaurants."
    Highlights: Shuncheng Alley in Xi'an, as the name suggests, is a section of street along the inner side of the city wall. One side is the majestic ancient city wall, and the other side is the beautiful and dignified ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Although the alley is not as wide as the new avenue. It is gorgeous, but because of its existence, the inside and outside of the besieged city, which were originally separated by walls, are integrated into the battlement and the eaves. The city walls are no longer alone, and the courtyards are no longer intermittent. In the alley of this bluestone path, there are different styles of youth hostels, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and some Qin Opera or cross talk art clubs. After seeing enough of the big scenery, in the gap between the high-rise buildings in the city, along the roots of the city wall, and deep into the small veins of the city, you may be able to understand the city of Xi'an better.
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What are some Urban Attractions in Xi'an?
Some Urban Attractions in Xi'an include:Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City|Muslim Quarter|Yongxing Lane|Fenxiang Alley|Luomashi Walking Street
What are some highly-rated Urban Attractions in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Urban Attractions in Xi'an include:Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City:4.6|Muslim Quarter:4.3|Yongxing Lane:4.5|Fenxiang Alley:4.4|Luomashi Walking Street:4.6
At what locations in Xi'an can Urban Attractions in Xi'an be found?
The Urban Attractions in Xi'an are mainly located in:Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City:Xi'an|Muslim Quarter:Xi'an|Yongxing Lane:Xi'an|Fenxiang Alley:Xi'an|Luomashi Walking Street:Xi'an