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Top 10 Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an - 2023

Updated Jun 2023
  • No.1

    Luoyang Laojun Mountain

    6,865 Reviews
    256.2km from downtown
    "The scenery is beautiful, it is worth a visit, the whole cable car is not tired at all, the mountain top is solemn and aura. During the play, the mobile phone was accidentally left in the water stall, and I found that I would return to the boss to help keep it. Thank you."
    Highlights: Luoyang Laojun Mountain is located in Luoyang, Henan, 2200 meters above sea level, formerly known as Jingshi Mountain. Laojun Mountain is a notable mountain in the Taoist tradition. Legend has it that Li Er, the founder of Taoism, lived here in his later years. Laojun Mountain's main attractions include Zhongtianmen Square, Jinding, Laojun Temple, Nantianmen, Yuhuangding, and Mazongling. Yuhuangding is the perfect place on Laojun Mountain to observe the surrounding landscape. Jinding and Mazongling are good places to watch the sunrise and the sea of clouds.
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  • No.2


    7,569 Reviews
    250.1km from downtown
    "Xiaoyan tour guide is very patient, responsible, and takes care of every tourist, especially elderly tourists! We enjoy this Hukou Waterfall tour! Thank you Xiaoyan! We will introduce it to friends, Xi'an tourism is worthy of praise! Xi'an left a good impression on us!"
    Highlights: The Yellow River Hukou Waterfall is located in the channel of the Yellow River where it passes through the Qin Jin Grand Canyon. To the east of the falls is Shanxi's Linfen region, and to the west of the falls is Yichuan County, Yan'an, Shaanxi Province. The section of the falls in Shaanxi is located 35 kilometers east of Yichuan County, Yan’an. Because the Yellow River carries so much sediment, this is one of the few places on earth you can see a yellow waterfall. The scenery of Hukou Waterfall changes through each of the four seasons.
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  • No.3

    Wudang Mountain

    7,162 Reviews
    280.4km from downtown
    "Wudang Mountain is a sacred place of Taoism in China. The Daoism temple complex is large in scale and the architectural craftsmanship is extremely high. It is listed in the World Heritage List. Wudang Mountain is a vast area and beautiful scenery. It is a national scenic spot."
    Highlights: The Wudang Mountains is situated in Danjiangkou City, Shiyan City and is home to a famous Taoist shrine. The Wudang Mountains has scenic spots such as Taizipo, Purple Cloud, Nanyan, and Jinding. The scenic spots are surrounded by mountains and lush forests, resembling a pair of scrolls. Wudang is also one of the important martial arts martial arts schools in China, and you can see the masters and martial arts enthusiasts practicing martial arts here.
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  • No.4

    Hukou Waterfall

    5,781 Reviews
    Ji County
    250.5km from downtown
    "Thousands of miles of Yellow River a pot. Zhuang Xumei! The tour guide sister is beautiful and warm and thoughtful, the travel friends have a lot of fun, and the Yellow River big carp meat is fresh and delicious. Oops ~**! What a pleasant day has passed again..."
    Highlights: The Hukou Waterfall is a famous waterfall on the Yellow River. The roiling water of the Yellow River roars downward here with great power. The Hukou Waterfall area is divided by the Yellow River. On the west side is Yichuan County, Shaanxi, and on the east side is Ji County, Shanxi. The waterfall is also divided into the Hukou Waterfall (the part of the falls in Shaanxi) and the Shanxi Hukou Waterfall (the part of the falls in Shanxi). Separate tickets are sold for each area. The Shanxi section of the Hukou Waterfall is located 45 kilometers west of the seat of Ji County in Linfen City, Shanxi.
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  • No.5

    Qinling Wildlife Park

    6,578 Reviews
    24.8km from downtown
    "Give everyone a panda paid pull Xiang 🤗😏😶😐😑😒🙄🙄🤭🤫🤔😳😞😟😠😡😔😕🙁☹️😖😖😫😩"
    Highlights: Qinling Wildlife Park is located in Chang'an district in Xi'an. The Wildlife Park includes an area that guests can walk through, a safari area (where tour buses take guests through an herbivore section and a megafauna section) and a Bird Performance Forest. The walking area is located in the western half of the wildlife park and includes a panda enclosure, a snub-nosed monkey enclosure, and a marine mammal park. The safari part of Qinling Wildlife Park includes a herbivore section and a megafauna section. In the herbivore section, you can see animals such as giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest. You can also see animals that are unique to Asia such as the white-lipped deer and the Bactrian camel. In the megafauna section you can find tigers, cheetahs, lions, bears, and wolves.
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  • No.6

    Longtan Grand Canyon

    744 Reviews
    289.6km from downtown
    "Longtan Grand Canyon is a gift of nature to mankind, towering sky monuments, magical heavenly books, wonderful water corrugated stone, water to go high, and other natural landscapes make people sigh the ghostly work of nature, the valley bottom is deep and narrow, strange stone green shade. Walking in it, playing stream, watching mountain scenery, listening to the cicadas, pleasant."
    Highlights: A perfect place to escape from the summer heat, Longtan Grand Canyon is located in the north of Xin'an County, Luoyang City, and is full of geological wonders such as the High Gorge Valley and the Water to the Sky. The clear streams and waterfalls splashing from the cliffs can be seen everywhere. It also has activities such as zip lines, rock climbing, and rubber boats.
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  • No.7

    Shanzhou Cave Dwellings

    1,730 Reviews
    206.6km from downtown
    "Shanzhou Dikengyuan, Shaanzhou Dikengyuan, scenic spot in Shaanzhou District, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. It is located in Beiying Village, Zhangye Township, Shaanzhou District, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, 11 kilometers away from Sanmenxia City. As an ancient and magical residential style, Dikengyuan contains a rich culture, is the only underground ancient residential building in the country and even the world, is one of the four unique ancient residential buildings in China. It is known as "the ancient village under the horizon, the living fossil in the history of the residential building". The construction skills of the Dikeng Hospital are listed on the national list of intangible cultural heritage protection. The ground pit courtyard has strong and durable, warm winter and cool summer, windshield sound insulation, earthquake and earthquake resistance characteristics, winter kiln temperature is more than 10 degrees Celsius, summer is maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius, people call it "natural air conditioning, constant temperature residence". Entering the village, only people heard the words and laughter, the chickens and dogs barked, but did not see the cottage houses, "entering the village without people, seeing the tree without the village" is its true portrayal. The creation skills are closely combined with the traditional Yin and Yang Yao position, and are closely related to the life of the owner, reflecting the excellent wisdom of the ancients. Today, there are more than 200 villages like this, more than 12,000 underground pit yards, and the most complete existing underground pit yards have been preserved for more than 300 years. This mysterious and strange residential house is unique in China and even the world."
    Highlights: The Shanzhou Cave Dwellings are located in the south of Shan County in Sanmenxia. The site is easily accessed by road or rail. The cave dwellings kept residents cool in summer and warm in winter, and provided excellent shelter from wind and earthquakes. In addition to spending the night in renovated dwellings, visitors can relax in the hot springs, taste local cuisine, and watch traditional cultural performances.
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  • No.8

    Maijishan Grottoes

    2,081 Reviews
    270.1km from downtown
    "The environment is really good! oxygen bar! In the scenic area in the homestay and hotel, if you book, you can drive the car into the scenic area, it is very close to the grotto. The grotto is very shocking, but there is a fear of heights! Five-star praise!"
    Highlights: The Maijishan Grottoes are one of China's four most famous caves. Constructed over 1000 years ago, there are over 200 different caves cut into the side of a hill. Visitors can climb the walkway on the side of the cliff to admire the Buddhist sculptures and surrounding scenery.
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  • No.9

    Qinling Mausoleum

    2,333 Reviews
    Qian County
    75.3km from downtown
    Yellow J
    "The fare is too worth it! The price is too high! Qianling tickets include Qianling Yongtai Princess Tomb, Zhang Huai Prince Tomb, Suide Prince Tomb and the imitation Tangdi Palace, and there is also a Qianling Museum, which is worth a visit! highly recommended"
    Highlights: The Qinling Mausoleum was constructed in the year 684 and is one of the rare places in China - or even the world - where emperors from two dynasties and an imperial husband and wife are interred. Emperor Gaozong of Tang (Li Zhi) and his wife Wu Zetian, China’s only empress, are interred here. This mausoleum is also one of the few imperial tombs in China that has not been looted. The Qinling Mausoleum Scenic Area is quite large. In addition to the Qinling Mausoleum itself, it also contains many “companion tombs” (peizangmu) in which members of the imperial court and major ministers are buried. The tombs of Prince Zhanghuai, Crown Prince Yide, and Princess Yongtai are currently being excavated.
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  • No.10

    Jinsi Canyon Scenic Area

    1,046 Reviews
    180.4km from downtown
    Fanzi 15
    "Great! Especially convenient. We drove by ourselves, parked the car at the Ludu Gate at the bottom of the mountain, took the bus to the Liyuan Gate at the top of the mountain, and then walked all the way. There are more people on May 1, but the experience is not bad."
    Highlights: The Jinsi Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Shangluo City's Shangnan County on the northern slope of Bashan Mountain. The great canyon is made up of four parts including Bailong Gorge, Qinglong Gorge, Heilong Gorge and Shiyanzhai. The scenic area maintains its original ecological environment and is densely packed with many plants. This is a natural oxygen bar, which is relaxing and enjoyable for body, spirit and mind. It is an excellent place to visit.
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  • No.11

    Haizhou Guandi Temple

    1,495 Reviews
    188.5km from downtown
    "The Guandi Temple in Jiezhou is the earliest, largest, highest grade and most preserved Guandi Temple, known as the first Wu Temple in China. Recently renovated, the entire park is divided into two parts: the Zhengmiao and the Jieyi Garden. There are multiple large parking lots outside, which can meet a large number of tourists at the same time. There are discounts for online ticket purchases. You can directly swipe your ID card or QR code to enter the park. Navigation directly searches the Guandi Temple in the state, and the Yuncheng District can take bus No. 11 to the railway station. Most of the buildings in the park are mainly wooden structures, so the requirements for incense are higher, except for specific areas to burn incense, other places cannot burn incense."
    Highlights: The Jiezhou Guandi Temple is located at the West Pass in Yuncheng's Jiezhou Town. The current buildings are reconstructions of buildings that would have stood here during the Qing Dynasty. The Jiezhou Guandi Temple is divided into two parts: the main temple and the Jieyi Garden. Upon entering the scenic site, visitors will first come to the Jieyi Garden. In the garden are structures such as the Jieyi Building and the Junzi Pavilion. In the main temple, the primary hall is Chongning Hall. This is where the statue of Guandi can be found. Every year, around National Day, a grand "Guandi Cultural Festival" is held featuring historical ceremonies and folk worship activities.
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  • No.12

    Li Family Courtyard

    692 Reviews
    198.6km from downtown
    "The old house of Li's compound is worth seeing. The brick carving and wood carving are more refined than the Qiao's compound and Wang's compound. Li's compound was the home of Li Zi, the richest man in Jinnan during the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. It was built during the Qingdao Light Year and is located in Yujing Village, Wanrong County."
    Highlights: Li Family Courtyard in Yuncheng is the private residence of Li Ziyong, a wealthy merchant in southwest of Shanxi, and it was built in the late Qing Dynasty and early period of the Warlord Era. Li Family Courtyard is a typical building reflecting the style of residential houses in the southern Shanxi province. The whole building is arranged around a quadrangle courtyard and also boasts Hui style architecture. It combines the features of two major architectural forms in south and north of China, and in terms of the art of decoration, the national culture infiltrates every corner of the building.
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  • No.13

    Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park

    807 Reviews
    277.9km from downtown
    "A place with children, a large dinosaur theme park. Suitable for children who like to learn. If children are young, they may not feel the knowledge content inside. There are a lot of fossils, and it would be better if the fun inside is richer."
    Highlights: The Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park is located in Xixia County's Danshui Town in Nanyang City. It is one of the Funiu Mountain National Geological Park's important attractions. The Xixia dinosaur site is a sedimentary paleontological site within the Cretaceous fault basin. So far more than 1,000 dinosaur egg fossils have been uncovered. Among these fossils, the Xixia giant long egg and Gobi prismatic egg are incredibly rare finds. They are symbolic of the fossilized eggs which have been discovered at Xixia. A large number of dinosaur egg fossils were unearthed in Xixia. They are well-preserved and magnificent, and have become known as the ninth wonder of the world after the "First Qin Emperor's Terracotta Warriors and Horses."
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  • No.14

    Bailuyuan Film City

    588 Reviews
    36.7km from downtown
    "How to say, the feature inside is the second tiger guard Chang'an. So, the paid project, optimistic about the strategy, the other went just up and down the mountain feeling. There is no special meaning, especially the summer vacation, can not come out to play during the day, too sun."
    Highlights: Bailuyuan Film and Television City is a large city built on the blueprint of the noval "Bailuyuan" (White Deer Plain) written by famous writer Chen Zhongshi. In Bailuyuan Film and Television City, visitors can learn about the authentic architecture, history and culture of Shaanxi. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of performances including "Two Tigers Keeping Changan" and "Guanzhong Earthquake". In the City, many shooting sites of films and TV series were preserved to present a vivid demonstration of historical events happened in Shaanxi.
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  • No.15

    White Cloud Mountain

    946 Reviews
    Song County
    275.9km from downtown
    "Luoyang Baiyun Mountain (Baiyun Mountain), National AAAAA-level tourist attraction, World Geopark, National Science Education Base, National Forest Park, National Nature Reserve, China's top ten leisure resorts, one of the most beautiful places in China, and the third place in Henan Province's top ten scenic spots."
    Highlights: White Cloud Mountain, located in Song County, Luoyang City, is home to countless waterfalls and deep pools. Here, you will find beautiful sights wherever you look: precipitous peaks, strange rock formations, and virgin forest. Its clean air makes the area a natural oxygen bar. The scenic area’s Yuhuang Peak is the highest peak in central China, and you can climb it to view a gorgeous sunrise or the “cloud sea.” In addition to the natural sights, White Cloud Mountain also has cultural sights like the Wuman Temple, Yunyan Temple, and Yuhuang Tower.
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  • No.16

    Taiping National Forest Park

    833 Reviews
    48km from downtown
    "Awesome day, Zhang Hu tour guide gave us a science popularization of history, which is very helpful for us how to travel to Xi'an and know where to go next trip. Although it is a forest park, it is really a mountain. It is surrounded by green trees throughout the whole journey. It is not exposed to the sun at all. I saw a lot of waterfalls. The road up the mountain is also very good. It is perfect. The return trip is very tired. The driver Sha master and the technical lever drop, sleep back all the way, slow down, and continue to hi at the end."
    Highlights: Taiping Forest Park in Hu County has high mountain waterfalls and streams that are rare in China’s northwest. Every year in April, when the Chinese redbud blooms, the beautiful flowers are viewable throughout the park. The park has five major attraction areas: Stone Gate, Yellow Goat Dam, Moon Palace Pond, Qinling Ridge, and the Birch Woods. Particularly popular among visitors are the Stone Gate area next to the main entrance and the Yellow Goat Dam area, where waterfalls are clustered. When you come to Taiping Forest Park, you will feel surrounded by virgin forest and a comfortable coolness even during the height of summer.
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  • No.17

    Dangjia Village

    753 Reviews
    198.4km from downtown
    "It is a place worth going to. Where the humanities, geography, and environment are very good. After I went, I knew where not only the surname of the party, but also the surname Jia. I always thought that the party village was the surname."
    Highlights: Dangjia Village is located in Xizhuang Town in the northeast of Hancheng City. It is a well-preserved architectural village of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is known as a "living fossil of the ancient traditional residences of Eastern mankind." Its stone-built alleys are tall and splendid, elegant courtyard doors are particularly eye-catching, the inscriptions prominently reflect the owner's status and beliefs, and the layout of the village lanes is even more interesting.
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  • No.18

    Zhangyu Ruina Chateau

    885 Reviews
    20.8km from downtown
    "Ticket 96 yuan is really a bit too expensive, there is still 10 yuan to take the battery car, there is nothing to see, a bit can not be worth, the fare within 30 yuan is acceptable, a few people have passed, a few hundred will be gone"
    Highlights: Located in Fucheng Town, Xiangcheng District, Xianyang City the Shaanxi Zhangyu Ruina Chateau Winery provides its visitors with all natural and modernized pastoral scenery complete with sightseeing tours. This winery adopts Italian Tuscany architecture that is complimented by with wine culture displays and leisure areas. It was built into an international winery that showcases high quality grape cultivation and high end wine production. You are also able to purchase these wine's to take home for your tasting pleasure. While visiting you can explore the standardized vineyards to see how your wine is made from start to finish. From the time it grow on the vine, it harvested, cultivated, and turned into the delicious wine that you savor.
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  • No.19

    Huayang Ancient Town

    508 Reviews
    148.9km from downtown
    "Very good trip, beautiful mountains and clear waters, birds and flowers, cute pet paradise can see a variety of animals. You can also see Qinling Sibao, Golden Monkey, Yak, Zhu Ying, Giant Panda. The point is that there are 3 giant pandas, and luckily 3 can be seen. The look of the cockroach is quite cute."
    Highlights: The history of Huayang Ancient Town dates back to the Warring States Period (475–221 BCE). It was an important military and economic hub. The old town has over 300 well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings, including official residences, guest houses, and pawnshops. Visitors can also see the ruins of the old city wall as well as a tower and theater that date from the Song and Yuan dynasties. It is one of only a few mountainside towns with a rich history.
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  • No.20

    Grand Canyon in Western Henan

    251 Reviews
    202.6km from downtown
    "It is spring again, the sun is just right, the breeze is gentle, suitable for walking in a place with flowers, water and mountains. The Yuxi Grand Canyon Scenic Area opened on March 1, and the national tourists are free of sightseeing tickets for a month. The Yuxi Grand Canyon is located in Lushi County, Sanmenxia City. The scenic spot in March is a scene of spring, the canyon is about to be full of colorful flowers, peach blossoms, plum blossoms, forsythia flowers, ascending and overlooking, like a colorful picture, people feel relaxed and happy. This spring, let us meet in the valley, feel the infinite joy of flowers, waterfalls, rivers, let the soul shine with the spring sun."
    Highlights: The Grand Canyon Resort is located in Guandaokou Town, Lushi County, Sanmenxia City connecting Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi. The canyon runs from the east to the west. It is just like a strip extending to the east. The long, narrow and deep river down in the canyon has rapids consisting of multiple waterfalls in different shapes and a collection of ponds and pools. The canyon resort mainly boasts Dacongtan Waterfall, Zhuozu Pool, Yinma Groove, Sandie Canyon, Feishui Pond and other tourist spots.
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What are some Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an?
Some Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an include:Luoyang Laojun Mountain|黃河壺口瀑布旅遊區(陝西側)|Wudang Mountain|Hukou Waterfall|Qinling Wildlife Park
What are some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an?
Some highly-rated Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an include:Luoyang Laojun Mountain:4.6|黃河壺口瀑布旅遊區(陝西側):4.6|Wudang Mountain:4.5|Hukou Waterfall:4.6|Qinling Wildlife Park:4.4
At what locations in Xi'an can Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an be found?
The Fun Attractions Nearby in Xi'an are mainly located in:Luoyang Laojun Mountain:Luanchuan|黃河壺口瀑布旅遊區(陝西側):Yichuan|Wudang Mountain:Danjiangkou|Hukou Waterfall:Ji County|Qinling Wildlife Park:Xi'an