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Top 8 Canyons in Xi'an - 2023

Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1

    Jinlong Gorge

    253 Reviews
    39.5km from downtown
    "Jinlongxia Scenic Area: Located on the west side of General Mountain in the northern part of Qinling Mountain, Caijiapo Village, Shijing Town, Xi'an City, Qi District, this is a natural landscape that is mainly gathered by mountains, water and canyons. It is known as the first original Grand Canyon in northern China. The scenic spot is blue mountains and silver waterfalls, streams and beautiful scenery. It is an ideal place for people to relax, sightseeing, visit and climb mountains."
    Highlights: Jinlong Gorge is a beautiful mountain with unique peaks. It is like a dragon wading through the clouds and flying in the embrace of the Qinling Mountains. The original plane is well-preserved, and the ultra-large-scale natural forest oxygen bar is located deep within it. It is a scenic spot that combines natural ecological scenery with humanistic and historical features. The water of Jinlong Gorge not only demonstrate the beauty of the waterfall, but also have the additional value of being close to the water. The mountains of Jinlong Gorge are both steep and can be seen from nearby.
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  • No.2

    Fengyukou Valley

    35 Reviews
    28.4km from downtown
    "The name of the mouth is due to the flow of the river from here. The river finally flows into the river. The scenery of the mountain from the mouth is very good. There are famous tourist attractions such as Guanyin Temple, Jingye Temple, Jiulongtan along the way. You can climb mountains and watch the water. In recent years, farmhouse activities have been increased."
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    49.8km from downtown
  • No.4

    Tangshi Gorge

    19 Reviews
    6km from downtown
    "Tang Shixia under the platform of Datang Furong Garden, an artificial canyon with the theme of showing Tang Dynasty culture and Tang poetry. It is about 100 meters long, exquisitely carved, wonderful, and unique. It is in line with the characteristics of Shengtang poetry culture. Qufu flowing water plus Tang poetry stone carvings around the poetry gorge. Reminiscent of the feelings of Datang poets, tickets are included in the tickets for Datang Furong Garden for free."
  • No.5

    Gaoguanyu Sceneic Area

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    35.2km from downtown
  • No.6


    7 Reviews
    41.2km from downtown
    "Daqi is located in the southern part of Xi'an, a Qinling Mountain, Qiqikou is located in the village of Daqikou, Yin Town, Chang'an District, 45 kilometers from the western city. The east is adjacent to Kuyu, the west is connected to the white road, the north and south are headed, there is a big river in the middle, the big river is flowing, the clear bottom, the pool waterfall is connected, the flowers and trees along the way are lush, it is a good place to spend the summer and escape the heat. The air in the mountains seems transparent, fresh and mixed with the smell of sunlight, breathing such air, body and mind are particularly relaxed."
  • No.7

    Xiaoyu Valley

    4 Reviews
    35km from downtown
    "The Xiaoyan River is about 35 kilometers away from the center of Xi'an. It is one of the 17 mouths in Chang'an District, northern Qinling Mountain. The air inside is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. It was one of the ancient plank roads in Qin and Han, and many traces of ancient roads are still preserved. There are three villager groups in Xiaoyuhe Village, more than 120 households, a total population of more than 600 people, and an area of more than 3,000 mu of cultivated land, of which 95% are mountainous, the house base covers an area of 80 mu, and the village has 320 suitable-age laborers, of which 40% are engaged in agriculture."
    Highlights: It is one of the seventeen Yukou in Chang'an District at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains. The air in the valley is fresh, the Xiaoyu River flows slowly, the green trees are green, and the scenery is pleasant.
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  • No.8

    Shiweng Valley

    2 Reviews
    27.9km from downtown
    "Shiqi Valley The valley has beautiful scenery, mountain springs, clear streams"